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Circle the correct form of

the verb:
1. They has/ have paid $60 for
the ticket.
2. I has/ have bought a new pair
of shoes.
3. We has/ have met him at the
. !y father has/ have worked
for ten hours.
". #ou has/ have hugged mother.
6. The dog has/ have eaten two
$. I has/ have missed the bus.
%. They has/ have sung
B. Write these sentences in the
negative and interrogative:
1. 'aisy has a&ready phoned her
2. (he has a&ready bought some
3. )e has a&ready arri*ed.
. +ucy and ,au& ha*e a&ready &eft.
". -har&es has a&ready booked the
6. !y dog has a&ready eaten.
$. We ha*e a&ready drunk
%. They ha*e a&ready cooked dinner.
/. #ou ha*e a&ready tasted the cake.
10. (usan has a&ready seen the 0&m.
11. !rs. (mith has a&ready watered
C. Put the given verbs in the
correct form:
1. !y parents 1111111 to 2ew #ork.
2. I 11111111for the !ath test.
3. 5ur grandparents
1111111111111111 us &ate&y. 3write4
. 'aisy 1111111 her sister a parce&.
". 5ur teacher11111111111 the
present perfect 3teach4.
6. !y sister and I 1111111 our
bedroom. 3redecorate4
$. !y brother11111111111111 the
game. 3win4
%. They 1111111116erman.3speak4
D. Put already or yet in the
right place:
1. )a*e you done your
2. (he hasn8t seen him.
3. I ha*e sung in a pub.
. )as he performed in a 0&m7
". I ha*en8t been in +ondon.
6. They ha*e swum in the ri*er.
$. It hasn8t rained.
%. )a*e you found your g&asses7
/. (he has &ost her keys.
10. )as 9ames drawn the
11. I ha*e had a shower.