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3 Fill in the blanks with JUST-

a) Ive______ washed the dishes. My hands
are wet.
b) My mother hasnt cooked the meal
_______ .
c) shak has _______ painted the fences. He
is tired now.
d) Canan has _______ done her homework.
She never waits the deadline.
e) Our teacher hasnt come to school
_______ .
f) Has the ardener watered the !owers
_______ ?
) My randfather has _______ bouht me a
kite. "ut he ave it to me today.
h) #e have _______ $nished the pro%ect.
&here is no need to panic.

4 Choose the correct one JUST or
a) #e have alrea!" # $%st cut the trees.
'verywhere is full of trees now.
b) ()bra has alrea!" # $%st posted the
letters. *ow she is at home.
c) &hey have alrea!" # $%st cleaned the
kitchen. "ecause+ they are afraid of their
d) She has alrea!" # $%st taken a shower.
So her hair is wet.
e) ,idem has alrea!" # $%st iven the
book to me. I read most of it.
f) Sevi has alrea!" # $%st drunk a cup of
co-ee. So she doesnt want to drink
anythin now.
5 Answer the &%estions b" %sin' the wor!s 'i(en in
the brackets.
a) Have you washed your hair yet. / 0) + / already )
b) Have they decided to o on holiday this summer. / 0) + / %ust )
c) Has she made her presentation. / 1 ) + / yet )
d) Have the workers $nished their work. / 0) + / already )
1 Choose the correct answer
a) My mother has alrea!" #"et made a
b) I have $%st # alrea!" $nished my
homework. So Im very tired.
c) She hasnt cleaned the room alrea!" #
d) #e have alrea!" # "et fed the do. He
is full.
e) My father has $%st # "et one to work.
f) Serkan hasnt started the pro%ect $%st #
2 Rewrite the sentences with
'i(en wor!s.
a) #e havent climbed the Mount 'verest.
Yet _________________________________
b) Su and Can have eaten three bananas.
J%st _________________________________
c) My little cat has climbed the tree.
J%st _________________________________
d) I have prepared the meal.
Alrea!" ______________________________
e) Have they dressed up for the party.
Yet _________________________________
f) 2ncle (erem has repaired the car.
Alrea!" ______________________________