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XX11 (2), April 1978
Krannich,R.L. The Politics of Street-Level Bureaucracy in Thailand
Simonetti,et al An Open System Model to Analyze City Government Service
Carino,L.V. Some Problem in the Pursuit of Social Development in the Philippines
In-Joung Whang Administrative Feasibility Analysis for Development Concepts and
Vajpeyi,D.K. Public Opinion of Bureaucratic Performance in Uttar Pradesk (India)
Al-Teraifi,A.A. Public Service Recruitment in the Sudan
Pacho,A.G. Politics,Personality and Bureaucracy

XX111 (1), January 1979

Reyes,D.R. The Identity Crisis in Public Administration Revisited:Some
Definitional Issues and Philippine Setting
Alfiler,C.P. Administrative Accessability:Towards the Operationalization of a
de los Santos-Guina,C. Systems Corruption and the New Economic Policy. The Concept of a Man
in Kirkhart's Consciated Model: A Phenomenological Exis-tential Approach
Guess,G.M. V.S.Naipaul Rigss in Retrospect and Development Administration

XX1 (1), January 1980

Richter,L.K. Priorities in National Development: A Comparative Analysis of Philippine
Policy Implementation Under Martial Law
Kessler,R,J. "Development Diplomacy": The Role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the
Machado,K.J. State Legal Institutions and Amicable Settlement in the Rural Philippines
Brillantes,A,.B.,Jr The Regional Development Council as a Mechanism for Coordination and
Effective Performance: Focus on Region 11
Dorros,S.G. Initiating Popular Participation at the Barangay Level: A Case Study of the
Community Health Development Project at Carigara
Pacho,A.G. Power, Accountability, and Humanism

XX1V (2), April 1980

Milne,R.S. Government Enterprises in the ASEAN Countries: A Conspectus
Faure,D. Paying for Convenience: An Aspect of Corruption that Arises from Revenue
Maheshwuri,S. Political Control Over Executive Departments in India
Olowu,D. Local Governments and Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relations in Nigeria and
Brazil: A Comparative Study
Sosmena,G.C.,Jr Center and Locality: A Philippine Experience in Policy Implementation
Seah,C.M. Community Centers in Singapore
Krishnaswamy,V. Issues in Public Administration in India
Mariano,V.D. New Thinking for Malaysian Public Administration

XX1V (3), July 1980

Iglesias,G.U. Appraising Administrative Capability for Coordinating the Implementation of
Regional Development
Pacho,A.G. The Naturalization Process and the Chinese in the Philippines
Carino,L.V. Why Some Medical Personnel Stay: Correlates of Migration Intentions of
Medical Personnel in the Philippines
Mariano,V.D. The Philippine Population Policy and the Catholic Church
Nwankwo,G.O. The Bureaucratic Elite in Nigeria
Ancog,A.C. Training of Public Enterprise Managers

XX1V (4),October 1980

de Guzman,R.P. Developing a Higher Sense of Public Responsibility in the Philippines: The
Barangay Village Immersion
Astillero,E.I. The Rural Immersion Program of the Civil
Imbuido,M.A. Service Academy PEA Research Staff The Barangay Field Exercise: The
Philippine Executive Academy (PEA) Experience
Saguisag,D.Q. Barrio Emmersion: A Career Executive Service Development Program
Training Tool
Manalili,A.G. Training/Educational Objectives and Community Development: The Institute
of Social Work and Community Development Experience
Jacinto,M.L. Community Health Development Impact of the Field Practice Program,
Institute of Public Health
Bonifacio,M.F. The Barangay-Based Exercise as a Training Technique Towards
Expeditious Justice: A Policy Analysis of the Law's Delay

XXV (2), April 1981

Carbonell-Catilo,A. Agrarian Reform Policies: Their Social Justice Content and Consequences
on Rural Development
Carino.L.V. Policy Directions for Health in the 1980s
Pacho,A.G. Policy Concerns and Priorities: The Ethnic Chinese in the Philippines

XXV (3-4), July-October1981

de Guzman,R.P The Search for a More Realistic Approach to the Philippine Urban
Housing Problem
Reforma,M.A. Primary Estimates of Project Turnover in the Tondo Foreshore Dagat-
Dagatan Development Project Renters vs. Owners in the Distribution of
Project Benefits: The Tondo Code of Policies
House Consolidation in Tondo
Jimenez,E.Y. Philippine House Consolidation: Estimating Changes in Housing Quality
Lindauer,D.L. The Tondo Project: Whom Have we Served ?
Sanchez,A.S. Housing Improvement in a Marginal Settlement: The Case of the
UNEP/NHA Barrio Escopa Project
Bamberger,M. The First El Salvador Sites and Services Project: Summary of the Main
Findings of a Five -Year Evaluation
Struyk,R.J. Upgrading Existing Dwellings as a Housing Strategy: The Korean
Bamberger,M. The First Lusaka Upgrading and Sites and
Sanyal,B. Services Project: Summary of the Main
Valverde,N. Findings of a Five -Year Evaluation

XXV1 (3-4), July-October 1984
de Guzman,R.P. The Evolution of Filipino Political Institutions: Prospect for Normalization
Ocampo,R.B. Toward a Review of Research and Knowledge in Philippine Public
Pilar,N.N. The Relevance of the New PA in Philippine Public Administration
Bautista,V.A. The Nature, Causes, and Extent of Corruption A Review of Literature
Reyes,D.R. Control Processes and Red Tape in Philippine Bureaucracy: Note on
Administrative Bureaucracy: Note on Administrative
Iglesias,G.U. Evaluating Training Effectiveness: Focus on the Training of public
Enterprise Managers
Hernando,S.A. Village Immersion: An Approach in Reorienting Career Civil Servants CPA
Research Team Indigenization for Development: The Case for Southeast

XXV111 (1-2), January-April !984

Kambhu,T. Thai Administrative Structure and Reform; Problems with
Hanaoka,K. Administrative Decentralization for Regional and Local Development in
Elliot,J. Advisory Commissions and Administrative Reform: The Western Model in
Bautista,V.A. Monitoring and Evaluation Structures and Mechanisms for Integrated Rural
Development in the Southeast Asian Region
Sokoken,D.C. Community Participation and Its Role in Rural Development: The Bontoc
Noor,A. The Failure of Western Technology in Asia

XXV111 (3), July 1984
Varela,A.P. Policy Issues in Integration for Rural Development: The Case of the
Population/Family Planning Program
Ibay,A.B. Institutionalizing Technical Assistance :The Case of Zamboanga del Sur
Rural Development Project
Garming,M.B. The Use of Indigenous Institutions as Approach to
Rural Development: The Case of An Upland Community
Catilo,A.C. Operation Land Transfer: A Policy Appraisal

XXV1V (4), October 1984

Tapales,P.D. Socio-Economic Backgrounds of Higher Civil Servants in the Philippines
Maertens,P. Income Distribution and the Role of Taxation in Philippine Development: An
Analysis of Two Decades
Yap,R.F. The Dynamics of Insurgency

XX1X (2), April 1985

Huque,A.S. On the Compatibility of Bureaucracy and Development Administration
Carino,L.V. The Deliemas of Civil Servants in an Authoritarian State
Endriga,J.N. Stability and Change: The Civil Service in the Philippines

Bautista,V.A. Structure of the Planning System in the Philippines

Alfiler,C.P. Corruption Control Measures in the Philippines: 1979-1982
Ramblo,L.D. News and Notes

XX1X (3), July 1985

Ocampo,R.B. Public Management Education in the Philippines:
Tancangco,L.G. Curricular Patterns, Issues and Prospects
Manalo,P.M.,Jr Executive Training in the Philippines
Sajo,T.A. Management Education and Training in Western
Guillermo,M.J. The State of Art of Educational Administration
in the Philippines
Salazar,M.S.,Jr The State of Philippine Business Education
Mariano,M.G. Training Military Personnel:Issues and Problem

XX1X (4), October 1985

Manasan,R.G. Macro-Economic Overview of Public Enterprises in
Buenaventura,C.R. in the Philippines
Briones,L.M. The Role of Government-Owned or Controlled Corporations
In the Philippines
de los Santos-Guina, C.T. Approaches to Performance Evaluation of
Public Enterprises
Tabbada,J.P. Explorations on the History of State Intervention
in the Philippines: The Role of Public Enterprises

XXX (1), January 1986

Caoili,M.A. The Philippine Congress and the Political Order
Caoili,O.C. The Batasang Pambansa:Continuity in the Philippine
Legislative System
Tancangco,L.G. Political Neutrality in the Philippine Civil Service

Gavino,J.C. The External Focus in Public and Business Administration:
A Review of the Literature

XXX (2), April 1986

Brillantes,A.B.,Jr. Explaining Philippine Authoritarianism: Martial Law in 19972

de Guzman,R.P. An Assessment of the 1986 Special Presidential Elections:
Tancangco,L.G. A Summary of Findings in l986 Up Elections Study Team
de Leon,J.H. Electoral Manipulation: The Case of the February 1986-
Presidential Elections
Stauffer,R.B. The Marcos Legacy
Mercaida,E.G. The Role of the People's Organizations in Philippine Political

XXX (3), July 1986

Lallana,E.C. Interpreting the Interpretations of February
Carino,L.V. People's Power and Government: Towards the Long-Team
Efficacy of a Revolutionary Tool
Guina,C.S. Preparing the Public Servant for the New Government
Bautista,V.A. People Power as a Form of Citizen Participation
Iglesias,G.U. Empowerment and Local Government Autonomy
Alfiler,C.P. The Role of the Non Government Organizations in the Health
Sector of the Philippine

XXX (4), October 1986
Monsod,S.C. The Role of Government
Gotladera,C.G. Upgrading the Philippine Civil Service
Romulo,A.G. Financing Government
Corpuz,O.D. Is There a Philippine Public Administration ?
de Guzman,R.P.
Iglesias,G.U. Experience in Curriculum Planning in Selected
Segovia,P.A. Philippine Public Enterprises

XXX1 (1), January 1987

Reyes,D.R. Social Services Policy in the Transition State:
The Agenda of Social reform in the Philippines
Olowo,D. The Environment in a Nigerian Public Administration
in a Period of Uncertainty
Paez-Hidalgo,V. Socio-Demographic Profile of the Members of the
Saguil,D.A. 1986 Constitutional Commission
Caoili,M.a. Quezon and His Business Friends: Notes on the
Origins of Philippine National Capitalism
Bautista,V.A. The Steps in Conducting Evaluation Research

XXX1 (2), April 1987

Brillantes,A.B.,Jr Decentralization in the Philippines: An Overview

Oamar,R. Governing Metropolitan Regions: Some Approaches
for Metro Manila
Buendia,R. The Case of the Cordillera: An Unsolved National
Ahmed,N. Bangladesh Decentralization: Background & Issues

XXX1 (3), July 1987

Sosmena,G.C Local Autonomy and Intergovernmental Relations
Gonzalez,J.L.111 A Review of Philippine Reorganization
Cardinas,B.C. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: Three Episodes of
Decision Making
Ramos,E.T. Comparative Issues in Public Sector Unionism:The
United States and the Philippines
Lallana,E.C. An Alternative Conception of Philippine Class
Structure: A Critique of Orthodox Understanding
Quinio,E.C. Transitions to Democracy: A Theory of the Abnormal?

XXX11 (1-2), January-April 1988


Tapales P.D. New Challenges to Teaching and Research in Public
Carino,L.V. Bureaucracy and Balance: Bureaucratic Power for
Political Development
Reyes,D.R. Bureaucracy and Transition: Some Reflections in
Re-democratization and Politics-Administration
Tapales,P.D. Going Up the Career Ladder Via the UPCPA: A
Profile of Graduates of Our Academic Program
Tancangco,L.G. Towards a Theory of Praxis in Public Administration: Meeting Current
Challenges of Re-democratization in the Philippines


Pilar,N.N. Latitudes and Limits, Principles and Practices: The
Concom,the PCGR and the Hazardous Road to Reorganization
Rebullida,L.G. Reorganizing the Executive Branch of Government
for Political Development
Varela,A.P. Civil Service Reforms for Merit and Political
Neutrality: Agenda for Implementation
Hernandez,C.G. Reforming the Military and Police Agency


Ocampo,R.B. Privatization, Public Choice and Public Administration
Ancog,A.C. Deregulation and the Regulatory Process: Public
Interest and Private Profit
Fabella,A.V. Business in Government and Government in Business
Briones,L.M. The Morning After: Approaches to the Debt Crisis

XXX11 (3-4), July-October 1988


de Guzman,R.D. Decentralization as a Strategy for Re democratization in the Philippine
Political System
Padilla,P.L. Restructuring the Administration of Metropolitan Manila
Valdehuesa,M.E. Regionalization and the Special Autonomous Regions: Political and
Institutional Issues
Oamar,F.V. Braking In the New Guards: Training for Local
Government and Regional Administration


A. The Politics and Administration of Procedural Democracy

Tancangco,L.G. Elections and the Crisis of Legitimacy in the
Mendoza,R.L. Philippines: A Comparative View of the Marcos
and Aquino Regimes
Villacorta,W.V. The Dynamics and Processes of Writing the 1987 Constitution

B. Substantiating Redemocratization

Cornista, L.B. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program: An
Analysis of its Policies and Processes.
Brillantes,A.B.,Jr. Insurgency and Peace Policies of the Marcos
and Aquino Governments: An Initial Inquiry.
Manglapus,R.S. Redemocratization Process in Comparative Perspective.
Abueva,J.V. Prospects for Redemocratization

XXXIII (1), January 1989

Reyes, Danilo R The Crisis of Underdevelopment: A Reexamination of Economic
Models in the Third World
Briones, Leonor M. Issues on the Privatization Policy in the Philippines
Legada, Ric Tan Assessment of the Implications of the CARP Law as A Reform
Smith, Kenneth P. Palay, Policy and Public Administration: The Masagana 99
Program Revisited
Mariano, Vicente D. Book Review: Rural Development Strategy: The Experience of India

XXXIII (2). April 1989
Caoili, Olivia C. Governance: Issues/Problems in the Philippines and the Role of the
University of the Philippines
Buendia, Rizal G. The Prospects of Federalism in the Philippines: A Challenge to
Political Decentralization of the Unitary State
Bautista, Victoria A. How Effective is the PHC Strategy?: Highlights of the Results of
A Survey
Quieta Romeo C. An Evaluative Study of the Department of Social Welfare and
Developments Self-Employment Assistance
Edna Co Public Administration in the Peoples Republic of China: Challenges on
Political-Administrative Entanglements

XXXIII (4), Oct. 1989

Valera, Jaime B. Rural Development: Concepts and Components
Paterno ,Vicente T. Perspectives on Rural Development
Dept. of Agriculture A Strategy for Rural Development
Byong Man Ahn and
Boyer ,William W. The Rise and Fall of south Koreas New Community Movement
Rood,Steven Intergovernmental Relations in a Cordillera Autonomous Region

XXXIV (1), Jan. 1990

Tanggol, Sukarno D. Regional Autonomy and Social Development: Some Notes on the Case of
Muslim Mindanao
Muhammad Yeahia
Akhter Decentralization for Development: Experiments in Bangladesh
Ashrafuddin Ahmed Administrative Decentralization Program and the Emergence of New Local
Government System in Bangladesh
Egwurube, Joseph Ogaba The 1988 Civil Service Reform and Governmental Performance in Nigeria
S. R. Maheswari Senior Administrators Selection in India
C. L.Sharma System Theory and Organizational Management

XXXIV (2) April 1990
Sto. Tomas, Patricia A. Issues and Problems in Public Management Education
Ocampo, Romeo B. Toward a Philosophy of Public Management Education for the 1990s
Benito C. Cardenas Curricular Programs and Philosophies in Public Administration: A Regional
Sajo, Tomas A. Local and Regional Public Management Education in the Context of
Saira Rakiin Umpa The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao as a Contemporary Issue in
Public Management Education
Pilar, Nestor N. Faculty Development and Upgrading Teaching Methodologies, Techniques
and Materials in Public Management Education Programs
Misajon, Mervyn J. Resource Mobilization and Linkages for Curricular Development

XXXIV (3), July 1990

Ocampo, Romeo B. The Presidents Roles, Activities, and Private Office (1986-87): Patterns of
Practice and Management Principles
Cabreros, Jr., Eduardo Q. An Overview of the Policymaking Role, Functions and Processes of the
Legaspi, Perla E. The Genesis, Viability and Effectiveness of Community Organizations: The
Case of Pangasinan Credit Cooperatives
Smith, Kenneth F. Prerequisites for a Successful Project Management Information System
Gonzalez, Joaquin L. III Reorganization in the United States and the Philippines; Same Basic

XXXIV (4), Oct. 1990

Aquino, Belinda A. Women in the Workplace: The Problem of Sexual Harassment
Tapales, Proserpina Domingo

Women, Migration and the Mail-Order Bride Phenomenon: Focus on
Tancangco, Lizviminda G. Women and Politics in contemporary Philippines
Amarles, Bienvenida M. Female Migrant Labor; Domestic Helpers in Singapore

XXXV (1), Jan. 1991
Nagel, Stuart S. Super-Optimizing Analysis and Philippine Policy Problems
Brillantes ,Alex B. Jr. and
Cauresma, Joselyn C. Assessment of the Aquino Pilot Decentralization Project
Contreras, Antonio P. Genealogy and Critique of the Upland Development Discourse
Genato-Rebullida, Ma. Lourdes Church Development Perspective: Policy Formulation and Implementation

XXXV (2), April 1991
Domingo Tapales, Proserpina
& Alfiler, Ma. Concepcion P.
Sustaining Filipino Unity: Harnessing Indigenous Values for Moral
Buendia, Rizal G. Decentralization and Development Administration in a unitary State:
Empowerment and Development for Whom?
Cordero, Rosa R. The National Tuberculosis Program: A Case Study in Program
Serrano, Cecilia P. The Administration Capacity of the Socialized Tuition and Financial
Assistance Program (STFAP): An Early Evaluation
Hakim, Muhammad A. Paradoxes in Public Administration

XXXV (3), July 1991
Ocampo, Romeo B. Decentralization and Local Autonomy: A Framework for Assessing
Roberto, Eduardo L. A Social Marketing Model for Changing Health and Nutrition Behavior
Cabochan, Jr., Gerardo V. A Policymaking Attempt to Outlaw Political Dynasties
Asibuo, S. K. The Revolutionary Administration of Justice and Public Accountability in
G. Sivalingam and
Yong Siew Peng The System of Political and Administrative Corruption in a West Malaysian
Gallares, Pamela Therese I. Democratizing Development: The Role of /voluntary Organizations

XXXV (4), Oct. 1991
Cario, Ledivina V. The Filipino Family as Described and Prescribed by Law; Preliminary
Findings of a Study on Family Policy
Padilla, Perfecto L. Regional Cooperation in a Capability-Building Program for Local Officials

XXXVI (1), Jan. 1992
Ogbinar, Ernesto R. The Role of Government in the Development of the Philippine Maritime
Abdulrachman, Sapia M. `Promotion of Public Responsibility, Among the Maranao Muslim Public
Jones, Kenneth H. A Typology of Innovation Leadership: A Comparative Study of Four
Administrators at NASA
Yuen, Peter P. Health Care System Reforms in Hong Kong: The Implications of Greater
Private Sector Participation
Cola, Raoul M. Households and Communities in a Post-Earthquake Situation: Impact and

XXXVI (2), April 1992
Tapales, Proserpina Domingo
Devolution and Empowerment: LGC 1991 and Local Autonomy in the
Apolonio, Honorata F. Reorganization Policy Formulation: A Study of Executive-Legislative
Hakim, Muhammad A. Civil Administration in New States Under Military Rule: The Bangladesh
Varela Amelia P. Personnel Management Reform: The Strategy of Professionalization
Bostock, William W. and
Haig, Robin A. The Management of Conflict: Psychological, Organizational and Cultural
Halachmi, Arie Performance Appraisal Dysfunctions: A Review and a Suggestion
Hamoy, Hilda C. Book Review: OIKOS: The Two Faces of Organization

XXXVI (3), July 1992 Conaco, Cecilia G. Prostitutes and Transmission of
AIDS/HIV: Implications on Disease Control Management
Ventura, Elizabeth R.
Lariosa, Teresita and
Cantiller, Joanne BHW Effectiveness in Malaria Control: Lessons from Five Municipalities

Bautista, Victoria A. Towards the Institutionalization of the ABCSDP: Highlights of the
Feasibility Assessment
Samote, Elena L. The Psychosocial Costs of Post-Employment of Overseas Workers: A
Research Agenda
Zarco, Ricardo M. and
Santos, Roberto V., Jr. The Service Complexities of General Tertiary Hospitals in Metropolitan

XXXVI (4), Oct. 1992
Ocampo, Romeo B. Planning and Development of prewar Manila: Historical Glimpses of
Philippine City Planning
Balagot, Beta P. Implications of Environmental Legislations to Development Sector
Borlagdan,Salve B. The Cebu Social Forestry Pilot Project: A Case Study on Upland
Trono, Romeo B. Management and Conservation Program of a protected Wildlife Species:
The Case of Marine Turtles in the Philippines
Buendia, Rizal G. The Cordillera Autonomy and the Quest for Nation-Building: Prospects in
the Philippines
Yadao-Guno, Carmelita The Generics Act of 1988: Policy Formulation and Implementation Under

XXXVIII (1), Jan. 1994
Caiden, Gerald E. Administrative Corruption (1997) Revisited
Keung Lo, Jack Man Bureaucratic Corruption in China During the Reform Era: Current Issues
and Future Decisions
Le Vine, Victor T. Role Ambiguity and Corruption: Bureaucrat and Apparatchik in African
Political Systems
Gaffud, Dolores L. The Employee Union as an Anti-Corruption Instrument
Domingo-Tapales , Proserpina Ethics in Politics: Three Lectures
and Santiago, Eden V. Elite Women as Public Servants: A Study of Female Local Chief
Executives in the Philippines
Ancog Amelia C. Women in Science
Lavides, Myrna N. The Congressional Committee and Philippine Policymaking; The Case of
the anti-Rape Law
Muslim, Macapado A. The GRP-MNLF Peace Agreement: A Preliminary Assessment of its
Bukurura, Sufian Hemed The Dissolution of Dar Es Salaam City Council: Paradoxes to Local
Governance in Tanzania
de Dios, Emmauel Combating Poverty Through CIDSS
Vyas, Lina The Civil Service in Hong Kong: Continuity and Change

XXXVIII (2), April 1994
Reyes, Danilo Reinventing Government and Bureaucracy in the Philippines: Old Themes
and a New Image?
Yoingco, Angel Q. Gearing Tax Policy and Tax Administration for the year 2000
Tanggol, Sukarno D. Managing the Muslim Problem for Philippines 2000: Issues and Prospects
Bautista, Victoria A. Strategizing for the Integrated Approach to Local Development
Management (IALDM)

Sajo, Tomas A. and
Tabaldo, Lilia E. Local Executives Perceptions and Initiatives for Reinventing Local
Government towards the Philippines 2000 Vision

XXXVIII (3), July 1994
Clarke, Gerard Non-Governmental Organizations and Political Institutionalization in the
Creencia, Flerida V. The Accountability of NGOs
Ahmed, Nizam U. Politicians and Bureaucrats in Bangladeshs Policy-Making Process: A Re-
Magno, Francisco A. The Contract Reforestation Program: Policy Issues and Constraints
Aminuzzaman, Salahuddin Structural Adjustment Program and Its Impact on Bangladesh Public

XXXVIII (4), Oct. 1994
Akindele, S. T. Public Administration: A Critical Revisitational Analysis of the Paradigm of
Politics-Administration Dichotomy and its Challenge
Jones, Garth M. Public Personnel Reform in Pakistan: Clashing of Ideas
Buendia, Rizal G. Ethnicity and Empowerment; Looking Beyond the Theory of Democracy
in Governance
Eclar, Veneranda B. An Anlysis of Factors Affecting Successful Commercialization of
Thakur, R. N. Bureaucracy for Democracy: The dynamics of Executive-Bureaucracy
Interaction During Governmental Transitions

XXXIX (l), Jan. 1995
Reyes, Danilo The Study of Public Administration in Perspective: A Passing Review of the
Development of the Discipline
Varela, Amelia P. Administrative Culture and Political Change: The Philippine Experience,
Cario, Ledivina V. Population Policy of the Philippines

XXXIX (2), April 1995

Panganiban, Elena M. Democratic Decentralization in Contemporary Times: The New Local
Government Code of the Philippines
Mangahas, Joel V. The Privatization Experience of Japan: The Case of the Japan National
Bautista, Victoria A. Status Report on Primary Health Care (1987-1993)
Synder, Monteze M. Performance and Participation in Evaluation of Development Assistance in

XXXIX (3), July 1995

Buendia, Rizal G. Philippine Social Development Perspectives: Do People Really Matter?
Bautista, Victoria A. Primary Health Care in Pasay City: Summary of Finds, Conclusions and
Policy Agenda
Joaquin , Ma. Ernita Tolentino
Towards a Learning Approach in Capability-Building for Philippine Local
Mohammad Mohabbat
Khan Management of an Asian Mega City: Dhaka
Khanam, Johora The Bureaucracy in Nascent Bangladesh

XXXIX (4), Oct. 1995

Patalinghug, Epictetus E. Philippine Privatization: Lessons and Difficulties
Mitchell, Darcy A. Management of the Intertidal Clam Resource: A British Columbia
Buendia, Rizal G. The Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services: An
Appraisal of a Strategy in Social Development
Domingo Tapales, Prosepina
Enriquez, Virgilio G. and
Trinidad, Oliver S. Value Profile and Corruption Propensity: Correlates Among Employees in
Two Types of Government Agencies

XL (1 & 2), Jan-April 1996

Bautista, Victoria A Preliminary Assessment of Coordinative Bodies for Human Development
Gonzalez, Joaquin L . III Development Administration and Computer Databases: A Case Analysis
Reyes, Vicente C. An Implementation Analysis of the Day Care Law in the National Capital
Cario, Ledivina C. The Role of Universities in Voluntarism in the Twenty First Century
Alampay, Erwin Hygiene Factors in the Management of Volunteer Organizations
Lam, Jermain T. Political Adaptation of Hong Kong Civil Servants
Lusterio, Ruth R. Local Politics in the Philippines
Lee, Gloria R. Empowering the People

XL (3 & 4), July-Oct. 1996
Cario, Ledivina V. Development and the Asian State: Providing an Enabling and Facilitating
environment for Decentralized, Participatory and People-Centered
Sta. Ana, Filomeno S. III Reengineering the Bureaucracy, Philippine-Style
Bautista, Victoria A. Reconstructing the Functions of Government: The Case of Primary Health
Care in the Philippines
Eleazar. Luis P. Dimensions, Patterns and Limits of Interdependence: An Assessment of
Government-Third Sector Relations in Environmental Management
Diaz, P H. Communication as Web of Government for the Good of the People
Hengene Nere Payani Employment of Women in the Papua New Guinean Public Service
Belen, Nelia R. Administrative Culture and Political Change

XLI (1 & 4) Jan-Oct. 1997
Briones, Leonor M. Globalization, nationalism and Public Administration: Challenge and
De Vera, J. Prospero E. III Reorganizing the Agricultural Bureaucracy for the 21
Century: Trends
Issues and Policy Questions
Sta. Ana, Filomeno S. III Reforming the Pension System: Is Privatization a la Chile the Best Route
Alfiler, Ma. Concepcion P.
and Nicolas, Eleonor E. Leadership Studies in the Philippines: A Review of the Literature
Tancangco, Luzviminda G. The Politics of Election Administration: The Modernization Program of the
Philippine Electoral System
Bautista, Victoria A. Socioeconomic Transformation Through the Minimum Basic Needs
Approach: Accomplishments Problems and Research Implications
Legaspi, Perla E. The Role of LGUs in the Management of Fisheries/Aquatic Resources:
Some Policy Issues and Proposals
Agustin Ilago, Simeon Local Government Transformation: Glimpses from the Local Fiance
Literature under the 1991 Local Government Code
Cuaresma, Jocelyn C. Transforming Local Finance

XLII (1 & 2), Jan-April 1998
Ellison, Kenneth H. Emerging Styles of Governance: A Global Context
de Leon, Corazon Alma G. The Role of Public Administration in Promoting Sociopolitical Development
Milanzi, Montanus Cyprian Democratic Participation of the Grassroots Level: A Local Government
Challenge in Tanzania
Brillantes, Jr., Alex B. Decentralized Democratic Government under the Local Government Code:
A Governmental Perspective
Rood, Steven An assessment of the State of Knowledge Concerning Decentralized
Governance under the Philippines 1991 Local Government Code
Padilla, Perfecto L. Decentralization to Enhance Sustainable and Equitable Socioeconomic
Poblador, Niceto S. Measuring-and Enhancing- the Performance of Educational Institutions
Pujiono Reverse Engineering in Public Administration, Anyone?

XLIII (3 & 4) July-October

Domingo-Tapales, Proserpina and
Santiago, Eden V. Elite Women as Public Servants: A Study of Female Local Chief
Executives the Philippines
Ancog, Amelia C. Women in Science
Lavides, Myrna N. The Congressional Committee and Philippine Policymaking: The Case of
Anti-Rape Law
Muslim, Macapado A. The GRP-MNLF Peace Agreement: A Preliminary Assessment of its
Bukurura, Surian Hemed The Dissolution of Dar Es Salaam City Council: Paradoxes to Local
Governance in Tanzania
de Dios, Emmanuel Combating Poverty Through CIDESS
Vyas, Lina The Civil Service in Hong Kong: Continuity and Change

XLIV (1 & 2) Jan-April 2000
A Co, Edna E. and
Neame, Arthur Heterogeneity and Cooperation: Youth and Social Engagement in the
Tigno, Jorge; Singh, Ranjit
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Century Medicine: Implications for Philippine
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Documents Section Lets Be Merci-fu: Building Integrity, Service and Openness in

-- What is Your Desired Future for the civil Service in the Philippines?

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