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Homework 9/09/2014 due 16/09/2014

1. Enquiry question 1:

What are tectonic hazards and what causes them?
Find the difference between a tectonic event, a hazard and a
Why are some tectonic activities more hazardous than others?
Find 2 case studies of recent ish (10 years) hazards, one very
hazardous, one not very hazardous. Explore the reasons why. Use
as many specific examples as possible within the case studies for
example, number of deaths, economic losses etc.

2. Organise your notes so that you have areas for Unit 4 and the 4
enquiry questions within it look at the specification for the Qs.
3. Make a sheet where you will keep small notes about your case
studies and which enquiry question they relate to, then a section
with longer notes about the specific case study.