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Monday, Sept.

HW: Finish numbering EE
Turn in Who Am I?
Summer Reading Quiz (20 pts)
EE set-up
EE 23 Books to Read
EE 24 Reading Log
EE 80 Quotation guidelines
Table of Contents
Reading number 1-25
Writing number 26 48
Grammar number 49 - 80
Vocabulary number 81 - 93
Tuesday, September 9
HW: WS Common, Proper Nouns
Class: Finish EE Set-up
ML: Grammar overview
EE 49 8 Parts of Speech
EE 50 Nouns
EE 93 My Revision Checklist
Index card
If time, book recomendations
Index Card
Front your first name (large) and
artwork that represents you
1. Your name
2. Favorite book and author
3. Quirky fact about you
4. S - Strength in English class
5. C - Challenge in English class
6. Anything else youd like me to know
Wednesday, September 10
HW: Finish friendly letter (5 pts)
Class: Review Nouns
ML: Writing a letter
EE 31 Letter friendly
EE 32 Letter business
If time, Index CArd
J: Metacognition
Writing - Friendly Letter
Use for personal messages,
thank-you letters
Dear _________ ,
Hope youre enjoying
following in my footsteps.
Ive been too busy to
daydream about summer, but I
want to thank you for
Formal Language
Mr. - any man
Miss an unmarried woman
Mrs. a married woman
Ms. - doesnt identify a womans
marital status (1970s)
Dr. - has achieved a Doctoral degree
Mr. and Mrs. addressed to both
Mr. and Ms. - addressed to both
Your name
Fugett Middle School
500 Ellis Lane
West Chester, PA 19380
Parent /Guardian Name
Apartment number
Street address
City, State Zip Code
character traits, interests at least 5 objects
If inanimate objects could talk
She never relaxes or reaches for the remote, whined the TV.
She visits me daily, looking at new destinations, remarked the Trip
Advisor website.
She needs to give my cushions a break, complained the chair in her
library where she constantly grades and plans.
Im taking a pounding from her, stomped her running shoes.
Im back to full after her trip to the Acme, bragged her sugar, flour, and
vanilla supply.
I cant wait for the weekend, whirled her trusty Trek bike.
Thursday, September 11
HW: EE 25 Inspiring Quotation
EE 25 Favorite words, quotations
Assess letter for proper format (5 pts)
ML: EE 30 Addressing an Envelope (5
Who Am I gallery walk
Friday, September 12
HW: J: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Life
Strengths, Goals
Class: ML: Metacognition and you!
J: Metacognition
If time
EE 82 Prefix
EE 83 Root words
I am both the slowest and the fastest.
I can be extended to the longest, but on
the other hand, can be divided into the
I may look most trivial and insignificant,
but leave the most regret and remorse.
You cannot do anything without me.
Who am I?
Time always flows at the same speed
without stopping. But, sometimes, it
seems that it flies like an arrow, and
sometimes, it feels like it hangs heavy on
our hands. And the same moment can be
felt differently by individuals.