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Meiosis vs Mitosis

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Alaskan Bear
By: John Bizzell
What is Meiosis?
Meiosis is the process that helps humans repro-
duce. Without meiosis, humans would have to
asexually reproduce. Chromosomes cross over
and combine for the new organism. The amount
of chromosomes from each parent is divided by
2 to give you the correct amount of chromo-
somes. Basically, everything in your genes and
chromosomes are 50% from your mom and 50%
from your dad. The chromosomes cant allign
with other chromosomes from the same parent.
Telophase splits the frst cell into two daughter
cells, then the process repeats to make 4 daugh-
ter cells. When the frst cycle completes, each
chromosome only has one chromatid because
of the cell splitting up at frst, thats why there
needs to be another cycle.
What is Mitosis?
Mitosis copies the organisms DNA that
performs it. It is used mainly for asexual
reproduction and creating new cells. Asexual
means alone, you make your own ofspring.
Obviously humans dont produce babies on
their own, so what does? Bacteria and plants
perform asexual reproduction as well as most
single celled organisms. The DNA inside the
cell replicates itself during interphase. The
original DNA and the copied DNA form an X
and group up in a ball called the Centromere.
The DNA then lines up in the middle of the
cell and the centrioles line up to split the DNA
apart. When they split the DNA, the DNA
goes back to how it started of, all coiled up.
The cell then splits appropriately when the
DNA is equally on the opposite ends of the
cell and then you have two daughter cells.
Meiosis is when you need
an egg and sperm to
produce a baby. Meiosis
takes half of each
parents DNA and com-
bines them together to
make the babys DNA.
Typically only for multi-
cellular organisms. Takes
longer than Mitosis does.
Mitosis is the replication
of a single organisms
DNA. It is done Asexually
and takes less time than
Meiosis does on average.
Mitosis is used for mostly
unicellular organisms
reproduction, but also
used for our cells and
Meiosis and Mitosis Comparrison
Meiosis Mitosis