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Above mentioned points are as per our knowledge into this domain

1.UI once designed remains consistent throughout different mobile models for
2.Easy to communicate with Device Hardware & use its functionality
3. Animation is Easy and more flexible on native as compared to appcelerator
moreover some animation is supported only in one platform ,so that invites
double efforts.
4. Framework support is added advantage in native
5. Content is easily available for native over the internet as compared to
6. Some modules are not provided in appcelerator either for android or ios and
at the end have to take support of native language code .
7. More time is spend on appcelerator for R&D as no solution is available on
any of the forum except its own documentation, whereas one can find more
than one solution for native.
8. Application developed in appcelerator isn't standarized for a particular
platform although it may support multiple platforms but lacks user experience.
9. UI design is easy and time saving in appcelerator as compared to native
10. Parsing and Fetching data from files or webservice is easy in appcelerator .
11. Appcelerator support for android is less as compared to IOS

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