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West Virginia State University

College of Professional Studies: Department of Education

Teacher Candidate: Matthew Chesebrough Date: April 8
, 2014
School: Anne Bailey Elementary School Grade/Subject: 3
/Social Studies-Reading
Lesson Topic: The South East
During this lesson and at its conclusion students will:
1. Will use a writing prompt (picture) to give students a focal point to write on,
2. Name the important attributes of the South East including states, geography and
3. Discuss the South East states during the review
4. Discuss economies of the South East and how they affect international markets. Focus on
the ideas of international commerce via super barges and the importance of docks located
in the South East. The South East has some of the largest port cities in the United States
of America and we will discuss the importance of the commercial hubs.

SS.3.H.CL1.5-make historical inferences by analyzing artifacts and illustrations
ELA.3.R.C1.4-ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of an informational text,
referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers
ELA.3.W.C9.2-write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and
information clearly
Introduce a topic and group related information together; include illustrations when
useful to aiding comprehension.
Develop the topic with facts, definitions, and details.
Use linking words and phrases (e.g., also, another, and, more, but) to connect ideas
within categories of information.
Provide a concluding statement or section.

VI. Governance, Economy, Geography
Teachers of the early grades can provide learners with experiences that give them an
understanding of the characteristics and purposes of geographic representations, such as maps,
globes, and satellite-produced images. Learners can be helped to understand their local
community and nearby communities. They can be taught the location of major physical and
human features in the United States and on Earth and how these physical and human processes
together shape places and ways of living. They can be given opportunities to understand how
people depend upon and modify the physical environment, and how the physical environment
can both accommodate and be endangered by human activities. They can be helped to
understand how places, and peoples perceptions of places, change over time. Learners in the
early grades can be introduced to the spatial dimensions of social and environmental problem.

Overall Time - 60 minute lesson
Time Frame
15 min. Writing prompt picture- Kentucky Derby
35 min. student activity in group
10 min. regroup for assessment and closure
Teacher/student led discussion
Teacher modeling/demonstration
Cooperative groups
Writing Prompts

I have no students that need adaptive instructions.

Introduction/ Lesson Set
Assess prior knowledge of the South East by asking questions about states that make up
the geographical area of the South East
Writing prompt on picture of the Kentucky Derby

Body & Transitions
Using the Smartboard- show them the Geographical area that makes up the South East
and then we will recite the state names along with one fact from their textbooks
We will discuss the economics and cultural aspect of the South East States
Students will read their paragraphs on the writing prompts and discuss the ideas in their
The class will vote on the most descriptive and provide evidence for their decision


As a class we will review and summarize the objectives of todays lesson.
Thumbs up or thumbs down if they liked, understood, and enjoyed the lesson.
Homework will then be assigned.

Assess students prior knowledge by giving a writing prompt s dealing with the South
Walking around among the students to decide if they have enough prior knowledge to
write on the Kentucky Derby Prompt
(objective 1)
Observe the students as they work
During their presentations and our closing discussion, I will be listening and taking notes
to assess their understanding and to see if I need to change the lesson for future teaching.
(objectives 2 and 3)

During our closing discussion I will be assessing what the class as a whole can discuss
pertaining to the lesson objectives.


Picture of Kentucky Derby

If Student Finishes Early
They will be asked to draw a picture of the activity that they would most like to do in the South

If Lesson Finishes Early
I will pass out material and have the students draw a picture of the activity that they would most
like to do in the South East.
If Technology Fails
If the technology fails, instead of showing visuals of the South East on the Smartboard, I
will name them and give a little background information on each one. I will discuss the
images of the Kentucky Derby and transition into the commerce of the states such as
tourism, commercial fishing and transport of products via barges.

Development of Lesson Plan
My cooperating teacher and I decided that we could incorporate the international
concepts defined in the Task would be easily incorporated into our reading of the South East.
The teacher, Miss Light, has mixed her Reading curriculum into her Social Studies lessons and
has placed the emphasis on the students reading from the textbook. The students read out loud
the passages and use evidence to point out the main ideas of each passage. We decided that it
would be possible to have the students lead themselves through the lesson by pointing out
vocabulary, content and facts by reading along with me from the textbook and then forming
scaffolding of the concepts themselves. We decided that the Kentucky Derby picture would be
an excellent way to transition into the lesson due to the closeness of Kentucky and the vivid
visuals found within the picture. This allowed the kids to work on their writing skills and express
themselves via the writing prompt. Plus the prompt allows for and easy transition into activities
and commercial aspects of Kentucky which allows for another transition into the lesson on the
states of the South East. We also discussed the importance of commercial hubs found in the
South East and how those hubs can be used to incorporate the international aspect of the Task.

I have attached a few of the writing prompts paragraphs to the lesson plan for you to review.