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We live in a developed country where many of

us have access to the basic necessities of life.

We never have to fathom the dangers that
some developing countries go through on a
daily basis. The dangerous wars, disasters,
diseases and malnutrition are high factors in
these countries. Asylum seekers are people
who have experienced danger that we could
never even fathom.
Can we take action to help them? To ensure
they are not sent back to the dangerous world
that they called home?
By definition, asylum seekers seek
international protection from their home
country, but their claims as refugee status are
being determined.
Australia as a country has a law, which
considers asylum seekers to be illegal
immigrants. The truth however, is that under
international law, they have a right to seek
asylum. They should not be penalised for their
entry; unless they are proven to be a threat to
the country. However, we as a nation are
denying this right now. By keeping asylum
seekers in poor conditioned detention centres.
Despite Australia accepting asylum seekers
obligingly; due to the many treaties they have
signed over the years, they still do not treat
them the way they should be treated. Instead
of being offered refuge, people are being sent
back to face the dangers of their country.
Though many asylum
seekers come by plane,
the ones that arrive through boat seem to be
the issue in Australia. The proportion of
asylum applicants arriving by boat has
increased drastically in the recent years.
People escape the problems of their home
countries, hoping to create a better future here;
but that is not what occurs.
Most asylum seekers run without their
registration information, as there was not
enough time to grasp that information, and this
hence prohibits them from registering with the
UNHCR. This hence allows the government to
subject assessment criteria regarding
comprehensive security and health checks.
Some people come under the name of asylum
seekers, but actually come to bring crime; and
due to this, thorough checking needs to be
established in order to ensure no one is
dangerous. Though this also means people
who are suspects, but have in truth committed
no harm are also sent back.
Despite this supposedly being the most
peaceful time in all of history, more and more
people are getting displaced every day due to
harsh problems. Instead of holding them in
detention centres, why not grant them asylum;
the one thing they have a right to?

Asylum Seekers.
Are they worth it?
In comparison to other developed countries in
the world, Australia does not accept a vast
number of refugees, and this whole issue has
made Australia look bad on an international
This has also called Prince Zeid; a UN
delegate to castigate Australia over the policy
of offshore processing of asylum seekers and
the forcing them to return to danger, if not met
He says the policy has led to human rights
violations including,"arbitrary detention and
possible torture following return to home
For once, can we let go of the law for
humanity, or is that too much?
By: Nitika Midha