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• Fall Term
o David C. Horton The Fool’s Journey for soprano saxophone and piano
 Performed at the Oregon Composer’s Forum Concert 12-4-08

• Winter Term
o Jaime Keesecker Scherzo Tactics for mixed ensemble
 Performed at his Master’s in Composition Recital 2-10-09

o Jeremy Schropp Bulgarska Tantsova Suita for alto saxophone, cello, and piano
 Performed at his Doctoral Composition Recital 2-6-09

o Simon Hutchinson An Evening with Noriaki Yuasa for alto saxophone and DVD
 Performed at the Oregon Composer’s Forum Concert 2-18-09

• Spring Term
o Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE) ANIMA 5-29.30-09
 Dance and solo saxophone piece entitled The Necromancer written by
Mark Knippel and performed by myself and dancer Dawn Urista

o NASA in Moscow, Idaho

 Performance of The Fool’s Journey 4-10-09
• Assisted by Shaunna Eberhart on piano

o Gina Scaccia Shepard Moons for soprano saxophone and flute

 Performed at her Senior Composition Recital at SOU 4-8-09

o Ross Saxophone Quartet

 Lakeview Tour: recital and class presentation for middle,
elementary and high schools
 Fischoff competition - Quarter Finalists
 Coleman competition - Finalists
 UO Music and Dance Fest at the Craterian in Medford, OR

o Triptych Ensemble for the Oregon Composer’s Forum 5-13-09

 Mark Knippel Do I really have to wait till I’m dead?
 Simon Hutchinson Hayashi

o Oregon Bach Festival June 28th- July 10th 2009


• Fall Term
o Ballet Fantastique Visions of Love by Jeremy Schropp
 Orchestra member, alto saxophone
 October 9th and 10th

o Future Music Oregon (FMO)

 Ichorus for Blue Air Infrared sensor, customized software and
processed video
 November 14th

o Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE)

 Do I Really Have to Wait ‘Till I’m Dead? By Mark Knippel
 Alto saxophone
 November 23rd

o Oregon Composer’s Forum (OCF)

 Zephyr by Simon Hutchinson
 Soprano saxophone
 December 1st

o TaiHei Ensemble (East meets West ensemble)

 Improvisation 1 by Ryo Noda, The Bumbling Fat Man Had His
Day by Mark Knippel, Apocalypse of Solomon by Daniel Schnee
 Alto saxophone, Hulusi (Chinese reed instrument)
 December 4th