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Santa Ana, Jr vs Hernandez

- The Santa Ana spouses owned a 115k square meter parcel of land in Bulacan. They sold 2 separate
portions for P11k to Rosa Hernandez. After the sale (there were two other previous sales to different
vendees of other portions of the land) the spouses caused the preparation of a subdivision plan. Rosa
Hernandez, however, did not conform to the plan and caused the preparation of a different one.
- The spouses filed a complaint, claiming that Hernandez was occupying an excess of 17k square
meters. Hernandez claimed that the alleged excess was part of the areas that she bought.
o RTC: Ordered Hernandez to vacate the excess.
o CA: Reversed. Hernandez is the owner of the whole of the lots in her own subdivision plan.
Also declared this was a sale of real estate for a lump sum. Applied Art 1542. Found as fact
that the two parcels of land sold to Hernandez were identified by the conspicuous
boundaries. This was a long and continuous dike on the property that separated the lands in
question from the others.
o The spouses appealed, claiming that the recited area in the deed should be controlling and
that the boundaries given in the deed are indefinite. They point out that in the deed, the
southern boundary of one parcel is merely given as lupang kasanib and that the same
concurs with the western boundary of the other parcel, which is recited as lupang kasanib.