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\ | teal pei 202 Ngee |e may aoe the computation of the l ears. aud rcchonieg: Al-Quran ! Surah Bari Braet XVI, Ayah 12, Age of “Aishah (The Trutnal Woman, May Ati Sond His Grectngs) | Written by: |. Allama Habib-u-Raluman Siddiqui Kandhalvi Researcher und Critie Translated by Nigar Erfaney Publisher At-Rakman Publishing Trust (Regd.), House No. 3-7-A, Block No, 1, Nazimabad, Karachi, P.C-74600 (Pakistan) Phone : 621449-627840 : puns ICATION NO. 10 ! A Research Work I “ Beatsle yoo” Ase of “Aishah (Tie Tah Womat May Allo Sen is Gein inst PUBLICATION RO Wale: ener snd fat) Ame Hai-or insult aa Chee neecoy StroetSps Caveat & Piers Kor Chait atkaemrmaaioe tan meea | irae eh PARA Pw -eteDrH60 SECOND PUBLICATION Lovin Boicaceor-asnanraias- | Ratha Researcher and Cr | sendin tn isan ist and Wee Shae acne on | nce ms | compan "Camp Gr Contents Some Explanations / Pronunciation OF Arabic Names And Words Pablisher'sNote: Introduction “ransatorsNote:A Tbute othe Witer Preface bythe Writer: A Review the Age of Asha AcgumeatNo. Argument No.2 ArgamentNo.3 Argument No.4 ArgumeriNo. 5 ArgumentNo.6 ‘Argument No.7 Argument No 8 Argument No.9 Argument No. {0 Mother of Mo'me’neen pariejpated he Battle of Bae Argument No. 11 Ur ‘Am'ma'ah ‘Une Slee Um ui-Me'me'neen Hazrat "Aish 25. = Argument No, 12 Argument No. 13 ArgumentNo, [4 ArgumentNo. 1 Argument No, (6 ‘ArgumentNo. 17 Wedding Farewell of sara‘ Aisha Argument No, 18 Argument No. 19 Argument No. 20 ‘Argument. 21 ‘Argumen!No.22 Argument No. 23 ‘Mariage Customs of te Minor Gis “Manigge of Hazza Fatima Hazrat Un Kuso Hazst*As'ma Argument No.24 Consensusin Peatice(/'1ma-<-'A‘ma) Age of Haart Khadijah Bibliography : Academic Reference And Source Books| be Ms PRONUNCIATION OF ARABIC NAMES AND WORDS ‘The nulsh-speaking people gonarly fait ict ‘and strenuausin he promuncation ofthe Arabic ares snd words With purpose to help them, the standard trandit- ‘raion stem basbeen incorporate inorder make Arabic ‘aries und-wouds ease to pronounce (and re4d) pror- ‘ely But I havenot adopted its ysem flyin this bok 481 donot want to involve thereaders in any traubie te- sted by the unlit, zccets ad stants ofthe tans- Tneration system Instead Thave used normal friar let- ters and vowels, applying splables to pronounce easily and property. Atabeof he Arabicletrs and Vowels with ther coeresponding Leters and Voiesin Engishisiven here:

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