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War Poems of Siegfriend Sassoon

Base detail
1. a. What is the theme of the lines? Is it about reminiscing or lamenting?
b. What imagery it creates to the readers?
c. The soldier is cherishing what particular experience?
The general
2. a. What was the greeting of the general?
b. What is the mood conveyed by the general? To whom it is conveyed?
c. What do these lines show us about war?
To any dead officer
3. a. Who are the persons whom the speaker is speaking of?
b. What does the speaker feel about the dead soldiers? Why did you say so?
c. What did he told about them? Describe some symbolisms.
The rear-guard
4. a. Where was the rear guard located? Does the location connote something?
b. Who is the rear guard being referred to?
c. Did he get his pleas? If yes, then how?
5. a. Where was the speaker lost? How did figurative languages help this built?
b. What is the image the speaker is trying to create? Is it enough conclusive, why or why
c. What does it tell about the parents of the soldiers?

Suicide in the trenches
6. a. Who is the one being described in the lines?
b. Suicide in the trenches represents what particular scenery during war time?
c. What do you feel about the narration? How does it maintain uniformity?
The hero
7. a. Who is the hero being referred to? Is it expressly or impliedly said?
b. What can be your opinion regarding involuntary servitude? Is it fair? Why or why not?
c. If you were Jack, would you act the same or differently? Describe your stance.
Does it matter?
8. a. What is the question being repetitively asked in the lines? How does it help your
b. What are the things that really do not matter? How are they represented?
c. Do you agree to the speaker? Cite the contrary argument if you disagree or support if
you agree.
9. a. Who are the referred survivors?
b. What is the real measure for one to be called a survivor? Can you consider yourself a
c. Is there still for hope for survivors of war after all the experiences they suffered?
Fight to a finish
10. a. What is the image portrayed in the lines?
b. What do the lines likely aver? Are the soldiers rejoicing? What might be the reason
c. How would you draw the image of war based from the description of the poem?