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Nowadays, we can see in our entertainment industry that art pieces from other
countries are much preferable. According to them, local movies are way far behind than
foreign movies. In brief to this statement, movies that are made by Malaysian or
produced by Malaysian is not quality enough to level with foreign movies and these
movies are also less preferable compare to foreign movies. Movies from Hollywood and
Bollywood are the highest preferable among our audiences.

There are two main factors that affect our entertainment industry’s market which
are producers and audiences. Most of the movies producers in our country are business
maker, but not the film maker. “Business logic says you need to supply the market with
the demand in order to be profitable”. To ensure that their movies are acceptable and
people watch their film, producers tend to choose the same theme. Beside that, they also
hire the top film stars to act in their movies. The fans will for sure spend their money to
watch their favorite actors and actress even though the genre of the movie is same as the
previous movie released. Basically, films produced by Malaysian are stereotype.
Producers also tend to plagiarize masterpieces from other countries to make their art
pieces look good in society’s eye. Since the producers are the business maker, so they are
only willing to make low budget film as our market does no really support local film.

Next, the audiences play major role in deciding the path of our entertainment
industry. Malaysian can be classifying as narrow minded as they prefer to choose calm
and relaxing movies rather than watching complicated and mind challenging movies.
Malaysian does not prefer those movies as they hate to think and for them, watching
movies is for relaxing, not appreciating someone hard works. It is the mind set that has
been in Malaysian since ages to underestimated local produced. Whatever produced in
Malaysia, by Malaysian, we tend to criticize it.

Despite of all the above that causes our movies to look bad, there are still hope in
it. Recently, many indie movies were produced by local directors. Indie movies use less
budget and technology to make a great masterpiece. For instance, the Red Kebaya, by
unknown director, won international awards. Indie movies help in bringing the best in our
young and talented director and actress. Though indie movies are not recognized in our
country, other country recognized them as great masterpieces.

In addition, not all local directors are suck. They only follow viewer’s taste.
Nowadays, local director try learning from other movie industry to improve their skill.
Many of them try to apply directing method use in Hollywood but they just not good at it
yet. Few of great local director are Yasmin Ahmad and Khabir Bhatia.

I do agree that local movies are way far behind than foreign movies as many
proof confirm it. Local cinemas nowadays are full with international movies. Despite
that, there is still hope as there are many ways that we can to make things better. A joint
venture with other film industry can help to make our film industry better. Collaboration
with company from Hong Kong can improve the technology used in our film industry.
The ministry, meanwhile, should filter the entering of international movies into our
country as it not only kills the industry, but also bringing bad effects to the society. They
also should lend budgets for local company so that they can produced great art as great
art cost plenty money. Ministry must approve local movie by giving them appreciation or
award to encourage them to produced good materials. “According to Osman Ali, director
of Anak Halal, one thing for sure, the nomination will definitely motivate me to keep
producing better movies in the future.” He comments after receiving 11 nominations in
21st Malaysia Film Festival.

In opinion, our ministry must force the cinemas to play local movies more than
foreign movies. This is to ensure that the viewers appreciate local movies more. Statistics
show that almost 30% of Malaysian prefers foreign movies. If the ministry does not
control the situation, I believe the number will increase. I do think that the industry is
improving with the arising of Indie movies and young directors. They bring new life to
our entertainment industry with their brilliant and catchy ideas. Local movies are not
terribly bad, they just need fresh touch. That’s what we are lack of now. In years to come,
I believe we can level with, at least, Hong Kong’s movie industry.

As the conclusion, local movies are indeed way far behind than foreign movies.
Yet, if steps are to be taken to correct it, we still can save the industry. It is such ashamed
to see our film industry so pathetic now compare it to P.Ramlee time. Not all directors in
Malaysian are bad, it will be a great lost if we did not bring the great directors affront. A
great producer can bring the best in a director and a director can make a talented star to

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