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For use with 105mm tank guns - US M68, UK L7 and French CN105F1, to
provide cost effective marksmanship and live fire training of gun crews.
The projectile consists of a sub-projectile and sabot. The sub-projectile
comprises a Fin Stabilized steel rod and a tracer assembled in the fin
assembly. The sub-projectile is contained in a 3-piece aluminium
Discarding Sabot, held in place with a plastic band at the forward end
and a plastic obturating band at the rear end of the sabot. The projectile
is crimped to the cartridge case, which is loaded with cool burning,
multi-perforated, loose propellant, and is fitted with an electric primer
and a wear reducing liner. This round is similar, in appearance and
ballistic performance, to the MECAR 105mm APFSDS-T M1060 round as
well as most other existing APFSDS-T rounds, up to a range of 2.5 Kms.
105mm Tk TPFSDS-T M1056