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Should Turkey Be in the EU?

Pros Cons
Turkey hasnt established their rights
of freedom of expression, and joining
the EU would help make that happen.
Turkey has complained about multiple
occasions for not respecting human
rights, which was based upon the last
the past treatment of Armenians
during the end of World War one.
It would make the EU more money for
that member (Turkey) paying to be a
member every so often, like the other
28 members.
Due to the many threats of coups by
the military is not conducive to a
stable democracy.
Reaching out to this nation would send
out a very clear sign that Europe (the
European Union) is opened to the
Islamic world.
The European Union has complained
to Turkey that it does not ensure the
minority rights of the non-Turks inside
of its borders.
It will make their relationship with
many other nations stronger, and
easier to trade with.
Most of Turkeys border is not
It will make the rest of the Turkey
stronger, and issues they are facing
will be easier to face as a whole and
not just a small nation.
Their culture is much different than
European nations, and will not fit in
with the European ones.
It will unite all the countries, and be a
start to more nations working together
in peace.
Their economy is very strong at the
moment, and joining this group as a
whole could bring Turkey down
because of the poor countries.

1. How is immigration a problem for the EU? How are they dealing with the

The European Union has been dealing with the issue of immigration
with the influx of citizens from soviet states the former colonies, and trying
to get rid of the influx that is occurring. The EU have been trying to solve is
issue by putting policies in place that they have all agreed upon that they
are working on being enforced. There are many cases where people are
frequently migrating illegally into European nations like Spain from
Morocco. They move into these areas looking for a better outlook on their
lives, however many people who are already established citizens in the
region they are moving into and their government do not see eye-to-eye on
the movement, and see many problems that are coming along with them.
Many of the people coming into Europe are looking for jobs, they
need to find a better life of working instead of no employment. The
problem is, the increase in illegal job seekers is causing certain
governments much stress. A lot of those nations arent equipped to handle
all those who are coming to the country. It just makes it worse, and those
who become employed are taking away jobs from those who are citizens of
that region legally. This is also a major issue for the countrys economy
because if the immigrant working in that area of Europe is illegal, they are
not paying taxes on their employment as well. The money they receive is all
under the table, making the government receiving money that much less. In
addition to these problems, many citizens of the area blame the increase in
immigration to be a major cause in their rise of crime rates, and it
jeopardizes their common values as a nation.
The European Union is trying to deal with the issue of immigration by
putting major amounts of pressure onto other members and non-members
of Europe that have been a source of their immigration problems. The
member states have put efforts in to making the border have a tighter
control so they can stem the flow of immigrants entering. Doing this is
supposed to maintain their goal of keeping out the majority that will make
into mainland Europe. However, there are many different ideas on how to
control the increase of immigrants, and all different countries do different
things. For example, it Italy, the minister proposed a six month legal permit,
which goal is to stem the flow of illegal immigration while at the same time
reduce the cost on part of their government. Also, Sweden has made the
decision that they wont restrict the movements of immigrants through its
borders when the newest member state join the EU. Therefore, they arent
going to stop the movement, just regulate it in assurance that it will not
become out of control.
Because of the many different approaches to handle immigration, it
will only be shown within time what works the best in dealing with the
ongoing problem of immigration in European Union countries. The outlook
that the majority of Europe has on immigration has changed drastically
since the terrorist attack of the world trade center in the United States.
After the attack, reports have shown that nine out of the twelve hijackers
entered the United States legally. It opened their eyes to make things more
strict to issue visas to non-Europeans. Immigration has been proven to be
one of the entries into Europe for terrorists and it has made the plight of
legitimate that much harder, so entering Europe legally as a citizen is an
extremely difficult task to pursue.