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The Roman World Takes Shape Began as small city-state in Italy.

Were Indo European people who

settled along Tiber River in small
Etruscans Romes neighbor ruled
much of central Italy. Rome overthrew
Etruscan in king in 509 B.C.
Made a republic and were never to be
ruled by a Monarch again.
Plebeians and commoners could be in
Rome had strong army, expanded
roman power across Italy by 133 B.C.
Roman power was from Spain to
From Republic to Empire Military victories had Rome in control
of many trade routes. Had much
money from conquered lands.
Consequences with money came
corruption and self interest were big.
Many civil wars.
Roman general Augustus restored
order. Held absolute power, but not
called a king.
Augustus stabled the government and
economic reforms. Augustus was the
first emperor.
Augustus until emperor Aurelius was
Pax Romana, 200 years peace.
People were safe and spread ideas and
The Roman Achievement Used Greek and Hellenistic
achievements in Rome to become
great. Culture was called Greek-
Roman civilizations.
Romans admired Greek culture.
Sculptors would use realism in
sculptures, would have faces.
Romans excelled as engineers, built
roads, bridges, aqueducts, and harbors
throughout empire.
Rome greatest legacy addition was law
and justice. Became basis of many
legal systems, still stands in western
civilization today.
The Rise of Christianity Christianity came up in the Middle
East. Jesus, a Jew, was the leader. Was
the Messiah. Believed in one God and
ten Commandments.
Had many new beliefs, and anyone
who believed would go to heaven.
Was executed by Romans, believed to
be a threat.
A few Jews accepted his teachings and
became the first Christians.
Were small sect, then Paul started
spreading news. Would reshape
Roman beliefs.
The Long Decline 180 A.D. after Aurelius died, Rome
split in two parts. the west was corrupt
and was overtaken by Italy in 476.
East thrived under Constantine and
others. East would be known as
Byzantine empire. Would last another
1,000 years.

Rome began as a small city-state in Italy. They overthrew neighboring city-state Etruscan in 509
B.C. Made a republic and commoners could rule. Rome had a strong army which helped
overthrow many places. rome became rich and corruption happened. Augustus restored order and
Pax Romana started for 200 years of peace. the Romans used other cultures to make a good
empire. They were good engineers and built roads and bridges. Law and justice was a big legacy.
Christianity came about in the Middle East. Jesus had the beliefs and expressed them. The
Romans executed him, but the Jews that believed in him started Christianity. rome spit in two in
180 A.D., after Aurelius died. The west became very corrupt and high unemployment. It was
later overtaken by Italy in 476. The eastern part of Rome was doing very well. constantine
helped this. The east was called Byzantine empire. It would last another 1,000 years for the east.