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Mohd Zaini bin ..

Ic no
Student of B. Ed Physical Education
IPG Kampus Sultan Mizan

Madam Asmad bt Mohd Salleh,
Lecturer of Language Department,
IPG Kampus Sultan Mizan. 13 SEPTEMBER 2012

Letter for not attending the class

As stated above, I, Mohd Zaini bin., with IC no..was unable to attend your
class on past three weeks because of some reason.
2) Firstly, Im truly sorry for not attending the class last time. It is because I
had something wrong with my stomach and suddenly had chronic gastritis. I am
used to taking medicines regularly and I thought I know what to do, so I did not go to
see the school doctor then. I hope you will forgive my absence on this occasion.
3) Secondly, the reason why I didn`t show up to class is that I had a family
problem that can`t be missed on that particular day. I got an emergency call from my
dad and I have to go back home immediately
4) Thirdly, I unconsciously overslept on the morning and very unfortunately
missed your class. This is because I have to finish my assignment until late night.
Besides, I left my phone in silent mode. Sorry for my bad habits. I promise to you
that I will not repeat this silly mistake again. So, I very much regret missing the class.

Therefore, I would like to say sorry for not attending the class. I definitely would have
come to the class if the appointment was excusable. I will try my best to catch things
up on the next class.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,