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Nuclear Test

1. List the naturally occurring radioactive isotopes.

2. Which isotope is soluble in water and why is this important.
3. In a clean sand GR typically reads (IG!L"W#.
$. In a shale GR typically reads (IG!L"W#
%. &escribe a standard GR detector design.
'. ( GR tool has a monthly master calibration ()R*+!,(L-+#
.. /ame the three main subatomic particles.
0. /ame the subatomic particles in a ydrogen atom.
1. /ame the atoms in a water molecule.
12. &escribe ydrogen inde3
11. &escribe the li4e o4 a /eutron particle.
12. +3plain why the /eutron porosity tool uses 2 detectors.
13. ( /eutron tool has a monthly master calibration ()R*+!,(L-+#
1$. List some o4 the 4actors that will a44ect the /eutron porosity output.
1%. List some o4 the environmental corrections normally applied to the /eutron log.
1'. +3plain the GR interaction that allows us to measure density.
1.. )he detectors in a density tool are similar to the ones in a GR tool ()R*+!,(L-+#
10. +3plain why the density tool uses 2 detectors.
11. )he density tool has a monthly master calibration ()R*+!,(L-+#
22. &escribe the &ensity!5orosity response in the presence o4 gas.