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Name: Stephanie Lee Date: 11/5/12
# of Stuent!: 25 # of "EP Stuent!: # # of $SSP Stuent!: # # of LEP Stuent!:#
A%e/$&ae 'e(e': ) Su*+e,t: -ea'th Eu,ation Ma+o& .ontent: /ne&!tanin% Pee& P&e!!u&e

/nit Tit'e: Se0ua'it1 an Fami'1 Life Le!!on Num*e& 2 Tit'e: 34 /ne&!tanin% Pee&
Understanding Peer Pressure is lesson 3 out of 6. In this unit, we will first have covered risk and consequences
of early sexual involvement (lesson !, understanding social "ressures (lesson #!, understanding "eer "ressure
(this lesson!, learning assertive techniques to for saying $no% (lesson &! and finally reinforcing skills (lesson '!.
In this lesson (3! students will understand "eer "ressure and refusal skills.
Le!!on O*+e,ti(e!
(tudents will )e a)le to*
. +efine and identify "eer "ressure.
#. Identify who their "eers are.
3. Inter"ret good and )ad forms of "eer "ressure.
&. ,x"lain ways how to resist "eer "ressure.
-ational .ealth (tandards
(tandard &* (tudents will demonstrate the a)ility to use inter"ersonal communication skills to enhance health
and avoid or reduce health risks.
&./. 0""ly effective and nonver)al communication skills to enhance health.
&./.# +emonstrate refusal and negotiation skills that avoid or reduce health risks.
0cademic ,x"ectations
3.# (tudents demonstrate the a)ility to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
&. (tudents effectively use inter"ersonal skills.
,nduring 1nowledge2Understandings
(tudents will understand that "ositive health ha)its can hel" "revent in3uries and the s"reading of diseases to
self and others.
(tudents will understand that )ehavior choices affect "hysical, mental, emotional and social well4)eing can
have "ositive or negative consequences on one5s health.
(kills and 6once"ts
(tudents will understand the im"ortance of assuming res"onsi)ility for "ersonal health )ehaviors.
A!!e!!ment P'an
O*+e,ti(e/A!!e!!ment P'an O&%ani5e&
O*+e,ti(e Num*e& T1pe of
De!,&iption of
Depth of
6no7'e%e Le(e'
Aaptation! an/o&
. +efine and
identify "eer
7ormative +escri)e
characteristics of
"eer "ressure.
-ot necessary.
#. Identify who
their "eers are.
7ormative 8rainstorm

-ot necessary.
3. Inter"ret good
and )ad forms of
"eer "ressure.
(ummative 6lassify two grou"s
good and )ad "eer
"ressures and give
exam"les of )oth.
-ot necessary.
&. ,x"lain ways
how to resist "eer
(ummative 7ormulate ways to
resist "eer "ressure
)y acting out skit.
3 -ot necessary.
Re!ou&,e!4 meia4 an te,hno'o%1
9esources needed are PowerPoint "resentation, "eer "ressure worksheet, skit cards.

In the "revious lesson (#! students learned a)out social "ressures and how the media relates to social "ressures.
(tudents gave exam"les of sexual "ressures found in tv, music and movies. (tudents were also taught what a
myth was and asked to give exam"les. :wo videos were shown, one dealing with a myth and the other internal
;esson ,x"ectations
<oung teens can easily identify and understand the internal "ressures and how they can influence young teen5s
sexual )ehavior.
:eens can )etter understand information on different kinds of relationshi"s, encourage teen and "arent
communication regarding dating and to increase teens awareness to understand daily "ressures from "eers and
how to make healthier decisions which are in their )est interest.
(tudents will define and identify "eer "ressure, identify who their "eers are, inter"ret good and )ad forms of
"eer "ressure, and finally ex"lain ways how to resist "eer "ressure.
8egin )y greeting class and recall material from the "revious lesson.
9ead the >1 "oster aloud to class and have students read along.
0sk class to define "eer "ressure and who their "eers are.
9ead and ,x"lain* ?ho are <our Peers Poster for "ro"er meaning and definition
0sk class the two ty"es of "eer "ressure and have class give exam"les of "ositive (good! and negative( )ad!.
0sk the students why it is harder to resist "eer "ressure from someone they care a)out or have a close
relationshi" with.
@uestion students ways they can come u" with saying no to avoid hurting feelings.
Inform students that most teens their age are not having sex, making them the A0B>9I:<.
(how videos ' and 6.
0fter the videos, ex"lain that )oth girls and guys "ressure each other and its not 3ust guys or girls only. (9>;,
P;0< 609+( are availa)le for :een ;eaders to read aloud to students.
,x"lain that the students will now )e volunteering to act out roles using the role cards.
8efore having students "artici"ate in the role cards ask for & volunteers to use "ro"s. (elect a director to use the
mega"hone and instruct the student to say, $@uiet on the set, everyone "ut your hands u"%-ext select a
"roducer to use the sla")ox and instruct student to say, $;ights, 6amera and 0ction%, a cheerleader who will
a""laud after students have com"leted their skit and finally a student who will hold u" the a""lause sign after
each "erformance for the cheer leader and classmates to cheer.
Inform the students that the audience role is to identify who is )eing "ressured, what the "ressure lines are and
refusal res"onses.
0nalyCe ,06. role "erformance questioning students who is )eing "ressures, what "ressure lines are )eing
used as well as refusal res"onses.
0sk class what is means to )e used and ex"lain it is when someone 3ust wants something from you and after
they have gotten it will leave you alone.
0sk class to think a)out some a""ro"riate ways to show affection without having sex.
+raw the relationshi" chart )elow and ex"lain the levels to the class.
(how the last video (D! segment and summariCe this lesson.
Intimate(even fewer!
9elationshi"s 6lose(fewer!
7riends 6asual (many!
Le!!on Ref'e,tion an Refinement
Le!!on .'o!in% 8192 min:
(tudents will )e asked to give to reflect on what they have learned in the lesson.
(tudents will give exam"les of good and )ad ty"es of "eer "ressure.
(tudents will give exam"les of refusal res"onses to "eer "ressure.
6ollect ,xit (li"
(tudents will )e asked to turn in their "a"ers regarding good and )ad ty"es of "eer "ressure.

Pee& P&e!!u&e ,an *e e!,&i*e a! the fee'in% o& nee to o 7hat othe&! fee' 1ou !hou' o;
P&o(ie e0amp'e! of %oo8 po!iti(e: an *a 8ne%ati(e: t1pe! of pee& p&e!!u&e *e'o7;
Po!iti(e Ne%ati(e