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Teacher Name
Benjamin Watkins
Select samples of student work for analysis
Sort the students! work into four piles and write the students! names in the appropriate columns "elow
Far be!" #ta$dard A%%r!ach&$' #ta$dard Meet&$' #ta$dard E(ceed&$' #ta$dard
#a$uise %nthony
---.- / of class --31-- / of class -30--- / of class --21-- / of class
Select one or more student work samples in each performance category for further analysis and reflection *espond to the prompts
A) De#cr&be the %er*!rma$ce !* each #eected #tude$t)
Far be!" #ta$dard A%%r!ach&$' #ta$dard Meet&$' #ta$dard E(ceed&$' #ta$dard
#a$uise 2 #a$uise is an %frican2
%merican student 3 ha,e had
issues with #a$uise4s work ethic
and work standards for 2 years
and the S5)+ liason and 3 ha,e
"een working closely together
on this We are looking into new
ways to reach #a$uise so that he
can succeed 6e has a really "ad
ha"it of filling in answers with
anything that he can remem"er
instead of the correct answer
34m not sure if he thinks just
writing something down7 e,en
it4s nonsensical will garner him
credit 3 ha,e found that the "est
way to keep #a$uise engaged is
to allow him the opportunity to
utili8e instructional scaffolding
as well as cooperati,e learning
9hese are "oth culturally
rele,ant instructional strategies
%nthony 2 3 picked %nthony for
this one "ecause 3 "elie,e that he
is really limited "ecause of his
reading a"ility %nthony is a
:igerian immigrant who came
to the ;nited States only a few
years ago 6e is e<tremely low
in his a"ility to recogni8e words
and to put things into academic
terms 9his is a ,ery important
skill in the sciences and so far
%nthony does not ha,e this skill
6is sentence structure is off and
he just has a really hard time
getting his point across 6e
really "enefits from e<plicit
instructions in =inguistic and
"eha,ioral codes as well as
opportunities from pro2social
interaction Both of which are
culturally2rele,ant strategies
%driana 2 %driana is a 6ispanic
student She is one of my more
>uiet students in class and is one
of only 2 sophomores in a junior
dominated class 3 wish that she
would participate more7 "ut that
is pro"a"ly mostly my fault for
not pro,iding her the
opportunities where 3 can draw
her out of her shell and really
interpret what it is that she
knows or doesn4t know 6er
sentence structure is good7 "ut 3
need to work on ,oca"ulary
with her She "enefits from pro2
social interaction and
in,estigati,e learning methods
"oth of which are culturally2
rele,ant teaching strategies
Shawn 2 Shawn is "eginning to
e<ceed in Biology in e,ery sense
of the word Shawn is a (ilipino
student Since the "eginning of
the year7 his work >uality has
increased e<ponentially and 3 am
seeing a different side of him
that really produces a good
product 3nterestingly7 Shawn
does not "enefit from
in,estigati,e learning methods
?which is a culturally rele,ant
teaching strategy@ and instead
prefers e<plicit instructions to
the point of "eing told what to
do Aomplete sentences and
thoughts dominate his short
answer >uestions
+) What d! the &de$t&*&ed #tude$t# $eed t! ear$,be abe t! d! &$ !rder t! ad-a$ce.
B %dapted from the B9S% tool produced "y the :ew 9eacher Aenter of the ;ni,ersity of Aalifornia Santa Aru8
Far be!" #ta$dard A%%r!ach&$' #ta$dard Meet&$' #ta$dard E(ceed&$' #ta$dard
#a$uise 2 #a$uise is going to "e
a ,ery interesting case this year
Cs =emar and 3 ha,e "een
working really closely together
this year and we ha,e some
strategies in play that will
hopefully help #a$uise succeed
6e already recei,es e<tended
work time7 work
accommodations7 no due date7
multiple retakes and corrections7
and segregated testing So far7 3
ha,e not seen much
impro,ement in these strategies
as #a$uise will consistently get
the same grade in class ?D0@ and
then no longer do any ade>uate
Co,ing forward7 3 think that it
would "e ad,antageous to try
and culti,ate more a relationship
with #a$uise 9his would "e a
culturally rele,ant teaching
strategy and help him to know
that 3 "elie,e he will succeed
and that we are on the same
team %lso7 3 could start
emailing his mother on a weekly
%nthony 2 at this point7 3
"elie,e that %nthony is in need
of an inter,ention 6e is almost
a junior and 3 can still make no
sense of the sentences that he is
trying to write 6is grammar and
sentence fragmentation make his
answers e<tremely difficult to
read 3 will call his mom this
week and 3 think that 3 need to
see a daily journal from him
e,eryday where he must write
down words that he does not
know concerning a "ook that 3
will assign him to read
9hese are culturally rele,ant
teaching strategies "ecause 3 am
demonstrating a high
e<pectation for him and "eing
sensiti,e to the needs of his
mother who lo,es to "e
connected to her son4s studies 3
know that she ,alues education
a"o,e all else 6e does ha,e a
knack for e<plaining things
,er"ally and 3 could use that to
get him to e<plain concepts to
other students in the class
%driana 2 3 am ha,ing difficulty
getting %driana to participate in
class 3 think that 3 can work on
prompting her in ad,ance with
the >uestions that 3 am asking
ne<t so that she will ha,e time
to prepare an answer "efore 3
call on her 9his would "e a
culturally2rele,ant strategy 3
think that the main hang2up with
her is that she does not want to
"e called out in front of her
classmates and so remains
silent Co,ing forward7 3 need
to gi,e her more of an
opportunity to work
cooperati,ely with her
classmates instead of relying on
her to call answers out to the
class 9his would "e another
culturally2rele,ant teaching
Shawn 2 5lain and simple7
Shawn needs to "e challenged
*ight now 3 am ha,ing a hard
time "alancing all of these
things ?3nduction included@ and
still finding the time to
differentiate all my lessons
?much less for the high
differentiation ,ersus the lower
le,el groups@
3 would like to demonstrate a
high e<pectation for him "y
creating a project that he could
work cooperati,ely on with
another student so that he can
work to ac>uire the in,estigati,e
learning methods that he will
need in college
I %&c/ed a d&**ere$t #tude$t *!r each !* the %er*!rma$ce ba$d# a$d c!-ered #e-era !* the eth$&c
#ub'r!u%# &$ m0 ca##) The cutura01ree-a$t teach&$' #trate'&e# &#ted &$ Part I a$d Part II are $!t
e(cu#&-e t! !$e %art&cuar eth$&c #ub'r!u% but rather are a e$c!m%a##&$' #trate'&e# "h&ch ma/e &t
ea#&er *!r member# !* a eth$&c #ub'r!u%# t! e(ce &$ the ca##r!!m)
B %dapted from the B9S% tool produced "y the :ew 9eacher Aenter of the ;ni,ersity of Aalifornia Santa Aru8