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Itzel Carrillo

Post-it Response Notes

The Molai Woods-One Mans Forest (Article)
Author: Stephanie

Summary of the Article: The Molai Woods-One Mans Forest is a blog/article
written about a man who grew a whole forest where plants and animals could not
live due to erosion, with no help. This young man, Jadav Payeng, at age 16 began
planting trees and has been taking care of the, now known Molai woods for over 30
years. He became aware of this in 1979 when floods had washed many of deceased
snakes into the sandbar. He realized these animals had died due to not having trees
for shade. He contacted the forest department but they said nothing would grow.
Jadav was given bamboo trees and told to try to grow them, so he did. Jadav
dedication and patience lead him to growing a large forest with a large range of
biodiversity. He still continues to maintain the forest and make sure no harm is
done to it and its inhabitants.
Grade Level: 9

Reading Strategy: Post-it Response Notes
Description: Students read the article and on post-it notes write any topic, ideas
or notes that are either left in their notes or share with the class. In my version
of the strategy, the students read the article in groups or individually and as they
read they should be thinking about three main ideas. The three main ideas would
be, causes for the forest to have died and no growth, one interesting thing from
the article, and what are some negative effects on your environment and how can
you help your environment like Jadav did. Students will write each idea in one post-
it note. The post-it notes will in shape of a leaf and after everyone is done every
students will place their post-it notes on a tree I will make and place on the wall.
As a whole class we will then discuss all the post-it notes which will lead us into our
Unit. This strategy and article will be a way to introduce the unit on Environmental
Source: Subject Matters by Harvey Daniels & Steven Zemelman. Pages 118-120.

Modifications: Students can read the article in groups and with a partner fill out
the post-it notes. Or if they would like can draw pictures on their post-it notes
representing their ideas. Students can also see the video called Forest Man to
get a better idea of who Jadav Payeng is and what he did to help his environment.

Additional Activities: Teacher will then show students a TED talk called How to
Grow a Tiny Forest Anywhere. Then as a whole class we will grow our own little
forest in the classroom using recycled materials and store bought seeds. Students
will then get personally experience how nutrient filled soil and the proper care can
make a difference in plants.

Thematic Units, Topics or Literature Units: This article can be used for the
unit on environmental issues. It is a great way to introduce the unit and get an idea
of what students already know about environmental issues. This can also be used as
an end of the unit reflection or for textbook reading.

Idea 1: What could have
caused zero growth of plants
and the animals to die?
Idea 2: One interesting
thing about the reading.
Idea 3: What are some negative
effects on your environment that
you have seen or heard about and
what can you do to help?
Floods washed away
nutrients needed by
plants to grow and
without plants
animals do not have
It took Jadav 30
years to grow a full
Trash in ponds;
encourage more
recycling and
clean up ponds