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Planetary combination for Engineering Profession
The Main Engineering Branches like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical require application of force and
fire to give shape to a given project in the above areas of engineering. Mars is a fiery planet, which
represents energy and force, while Saturn signifies application of labour force. Mathematics and
mental abilities are the integral parts of Engineering studies and Mercury provides those abilities.
Venus is the planet of Planning and Designing. A person involved in the filed of Engineering, especially
an Architectural Engineer require the skill of planning and designing to give shape to his project. Rahu
is the planet, which gives manipulative abilities coupled with innovative ideas. The positive and
constructive manipulative and innovative ideas are the main attributes for successful Engineers to plan
their new projects and infrastructure for the well-being and convenience of the mankind as a whole.
The advents and rapid addition of branches in the field of engineering has made the study further
complicated. The Saturn is the natural significator of employment in a nativity. The strength and good
placement of Saturn is, therefore, one of most important factors for success and smoothness in
professional matters. The correlation between Mars and any fiery signs in D1 provide necessary
impetus for engineering studies.
Mercury takes one to Information Technology (IT) trade, Aeronautical engineering, etc. whereas Rahu
groom one as Software Engineer. Mercury is a planet of mental ability and Information Technology
requires constant application of mind. Rahu is a planet of innovative ideas and, as such, the ideal
planet for Software Engineering.
Saturn takes one to the field of Mining Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, drilling and crude oil
exploration, etc. Saturn represents labour and application of toils and these sectors in engineering are
all labour oriented.
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