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Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Travaz Clark

Emerging Technology (Apple Watch):
The latest and greatest technology in the Apple industry is the all new Apple Watch. This
watch is Apples most personal device ever and claims to be the pioneer (gateway) for user
interface that lets you scroll, zoom, and navigate. With this watch and the addition of the Big
Crown; you can practically communicate from your wrist to send and receive messages, answer
calls to your iPhone, and even keep up with your heartbeat. This technology joins the likes of the
Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod as Apple hopes this product will have as much success as those
aforementioned have.
2 Other Articles:

Apple Watch release date, news and
-Matt Swider (Google) (
Apple Watch unveiled: Starts at $349,
coming early 2015 (hands-on)
-Scott Stein/David Carnoy (Yahoo) (
I found that Google got me the results quicker on my search, but as far as how in-depth the
article went, Yahoos information outshined that of Google.
Time- September 11, 2014; update 7165 minutes ago
Relevance- This topic relates to the topic of Emerging Technology (Apple Watch)
Authority- Authors are both Scott Stein and David Carnoy. They are article/press writers for and have both wrote established other articles.
Accurate- This information is trustworthy or else I wouldnt think itd be published. The
information being given out is all inclusive facts based on the coming of the Apple
Purpose- This article was written to inform and sell. It gives the reader all it wants to know in
case the reader then wants to purchase the product in the future. The material is
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Travaz Clark

Scholarly Articles:
Smartphone Apps. Gray,Doug (Business Source Premier)
-Apple Smartphone
Advanced Search, scholarly only
Apple Scores win in Smartphone Wars Gobble, Mary Anne (Business Source Premier)
-Apple Smartphone
Advanced search.
Comparison (Internet vs Journal):
Ease of access- The internet is way easier; the CCBC database wasnt collaborating with the
Timeliness- The internet has the advantage in timeliness since some of the scholarly journals
dont even get published in time, sometimes 8 months after. The Apple Watch is newer
so the journals werent updated to it.
Authority- I feel those for the internet have more authority as they get paid to write these
established articles.
-LeClaire, Jennifer. "Apple Watch Plays on IOS Innovations | NewsFactor Business."
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Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Travaz Clark