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Kaitlyn Pfister

Tourist Films Robbery on GoPro


Alexander Hennessey, on a mission to visit 195 countries, captured an attempted robbery on his
GoPro camera. When he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina riding a bicycle, a man on a motorbike
pulled in front of him. At first Hennessey steered around the man, but he was followed. The man
pulled out a gun and demanded Hennesseys backpack. Hennessey dropped his bike, telling the
attempted robber he could have it, but the man followed him and continued demanding his
backpack. Joining a group of other cyclists, Hennessey manages to get away from the man and
follows the group to a nearby police man. The GoPro footage is handed over to the police and
the robber is caught and arrested later in the day.
I searched for tourist films robbery on gopro on both and Google.
Both search engines took me to a results page that had information on the same robbery as the
one I found on cnet. The articles have similar information in them, and both search engines
showed me a newspaper article on the story as its first result. The two search engines brought up
results at a similar speed, and showed me results about the same things. I decided to TRAPP the
article I found from Google from
1. When was it written? It was written Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 1:05 PM. It has not
been updated.
2. Does it relate to your topic or answer your question? Yes, my topic was mobile technology.
GoPro is mobile technology, so it does relate.
3. Who is the author? Are they qualified to write about this topic? How do you know? The
author is Joel Landau. He is the online video reporter for NY Daily News, and he tries to get the
story behind all of those viral videos. So he is qualified to write about this topic because the
story is accompanied by the video from the GoPro.
4. Is the information trustworthy/supported by evidence? Yes, it is supported by the video taken
by the man who almost got robbed, so we can see that the story is not made up.
5. Why was it written? Is there a bias? It was written to inform us about an attempted robbery
that was captured on a camera the victim was wearing. The article is objective as it only reports
on what happened in the video and gives some quotes from the videos description.
To find my articles on the CCBC library databases I searched for gopro robbery. First I
used the Academic Search Premier database because the description is articles from research-
oriented materials, journals, and general interest magazines. So I knew what I found would be
research based. The article I found shows a similar event happening in South Africa earlier this
year, with a man riding his bike when three robbers approach him and steal his belongings. For
the second article I used the ProQuest Newsstand database because it searches over a thousand
national and international newspapers, so I knew it would have what I needed. I searched gopro
robbery again and got a few results about the story.
When comparing the two articles, the ones I found on cnet, duckduckgo, and Google
were much easier to access than the ones found on the databases. Using the search engines
produced more results about the same thing, I was able to use more specific search terms and still
get the results I was looking for, and on my first attempts at using the databases I got error
messages because they were not working. The timeliness was about the same, all of the articles
Kaitlyn Pfister
Tourist Films Robbery on GoPro

written within a few days because it is a recent story. The authority was also about the same,
with all of the articles being written by people who were trying to report on the event.
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