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Pre-AP English 9 Lesson Plan October 6 October 10

Course Title: English 9

Teacher: Kever, Londa
Instructional Focus: Reading Comprehension; Vocabulary Development
Performance Indicators
Students will do the following tasks:
*Demonstrate knowledge of
technology to submit/share
documents with one another and
with the instructor.
*Exhibit 21st century skill of focus
on bellwork.
*Exhibit 21st century skill of self-
awareness in monitoring reading
*Expand both their general and
domain-specific word base.
*Manage their independent reading
by monitoring their progress
throughout the week, documenting
their results, and reflecting on their
level of achievement of the goals.
*Access prior knowledge re writing a
and grammar rules and apply to
new writing.
*Be respectful, responsible, and
reach rigorous standards.

Instructional Strategies
X Review and Correct Strategy
X technology-based activity
____ other ____________

Common Core Standards Applied
LP9.2 Students will demonstrate
command of the conventions of
standard English capitalization . . .
when writing.
LP9.3.1f Students will ensure
subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent
LP9.3.3a Students will choose words
and phrases for effect.
In-class Procedures
*Submit Reading Log via
technology (link on PRHS
Website/Mrs. Kevers
*Update Reading Record
(as needed) via technology
*Student-led library visits
as determined by students
*Independent Reading
*Review correct answers to
Quarter 1 TLI Narrative
multiple choice questions
*New Vocabulary
*Exit ticket re most difficult
reading question.
*Bell work
*Review correct answers to
TLI Grammar and Writing
Questions 1-4 via
*Bell work
*Review correct answers to
TLI Grammar and Writing
Questions 5-8
Quarter 1 via technology
*Students make vocab cards
as time permits
*Bell work
*Review correct answers to
TLI Grammar and Writing
Questions 9-12

X Chromebook
X website
X whiteboard
X projector
X library books

Assessment Strategies
X observation
X reading log
X reading record
X listening skills
X student correction
of TLI test ?s.
____ other

X verbal prompts
X audio and visual
X modified
X positive
X self-selection of
capitalization rule
Additional Support:
Instructor provides
students additional time
for bellwork in English
lab. Instructor provided
bellwork in 3 support
forms----on screen daily,
in a written form
to English lab teacher,
and in a typed form via
photocopy offered to
students who request.
Possible reading
LP9.4.1f Students will produce
complete sentences, recognizing run-
ons and fragments.
LP9.4.1g Students will correctly
use frequently confused words (too,
to, two; their, there; etc.)
L9.5 Students will demonstrate
understanding of figurative language,
word relationships, and nuances in
word meanings.
L9.5a Students will interpret figures
of speech (similes, metaphors,
idioms, personification, euphemisms,
oxymorons, etc.).
LP9.6.1e Students will recognize
variations from standard English in
their own and in others writing . . .
[and] use strategies to improve
expression in conventional language.
RL 9.4 Students will determine the
meanings of words and phrases as
they are used in a text, including
figurative and connotative meanings;
analyze the cumulative impact of
specific word choices on meaning
and tone.
RL 9.6 Students will analyze a
particular point of view or cultural
experience reflected in a work of
literature from outside the United
States, drawing on a wide reading of
world literature.
RL 9.10 By the end of Grade 9,
students will read and comprehend
literature, including stories, dramas,
and poems, in the grades 9-10 text
complexity band proficiently, with
scaffolding as needed at the high end
of the range.
VA 9.6 Students will acquire and use
accurately general academic and
domain-specific words and phrases,
sufficient for reading, writing,
listening, and speaking at the college
and career readiness level . . .
VA 9.4c Students will learn how to

Students Weekly
*Students must correct TLI
grammar and writing

*Students read 225 or more
pages in a student-selected
book and keep track of the
pages read daily.
Note: Each student should
be finishing a book 200 or
more pages--every 7-10
days to meet his/her goals.
Students must have
completed 7 -8 books by
the end of the quarter

*Playaways and cds
which read a book
to student.
*Lower weekly
reading goals (<150),
if requested.
*Lower semester book
goals. (< 10 books)
*Books that are < 200
pages to qualify.
Possible vocabulary
(These were discussed
with English Lab
*Student does not
include entire def.
on vocab cards.
*Student types
definitions in
English Lab.
*Student cuts out
definitions and
attaches to cards.
Class accommodation:
*Instructions are
broken into smaller
*Instructions are

consult general and specialized
reference materials (dictionaries,
glossaries, thesauruses) both print
and digital, to find the pronunciation
of a word or determine or clarify its
precise meaning, its part of speech,
or its etymology.