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of Cellular Organization Tic-Tac-Toe

Imagine that you ate on a committee that is considering whether or not to create artificial cells, tissues, or

1. Work on your own or with a partner
2. Teacher will assign two path options for you. You will do 3 activities in a row. No diagonals
a. 1. Structure and Function, Diagram, Organ Journal
2.Stucture and Function, Human Cell Types, Designer Cell
b. 1. Human Cell Types, Building a System, Instruction Booklet
2. Diagram, Building a System, Life in a Pond,
c. 1. Designer Cell, Life in a Pond, Which Tissue?
2. Organ Journal, Instruction Booklet, Which Tissue?
3. Have your teacher approve the plan
4. Do each activity and turn it in by FRIDAY, October 10th!

Structure & Function
Organ Journal
Every organ has a
Choose two or more organ Write a journal entry
structure directly related systems and draw a
describing two artificial
to its function. Describe
diagram showing how
organs you would like to
two organs and explain
they work together to
create. Include diagram of
how each organ;s
keep an organism healthy. these organs.
structure helps it to
You can choose either
function. Then pick one of plant or animal systems.
these organs and describe
what type of artificial
structure you think would
be ideal for its function
and why.
Human Cell Types
Building a System
Instruction Booklet
Look up different human The 4 levels of
Pick an Organ System.
cell types. There are more organization (cells.
Research the names of the
than 200! Briefly describe Tissues, organs, organ
organs that make up the
the function of 5 human
systems) are nearly the
system. Design an
body cells. Pick one type
same for all multicellular instruction booklet on the
you would artificially
organisms. Write a skit
use of this system.
create and tell why, or
describing how these four
discuss whit his type of
levels make up an
cell could never be
created artificially.
Designer Cell
Life in a Pond
Which Tissue?
Design and sketch an
Write a poem comparing a Describe the functions of
imaginary specialized cell single-celled paramecium the four types of tissues
that could be part of an
and a multi-cellular
found in humans. Decide
artificial life form.
sunfish living in the same which type you think
Describe the function of
freshwater pond. Explore might be the most useful
this cell that makes it
ways in which organism is to manufacture, and
adapted for survival.
compose a speech to
convince others he value
of this type of tissue.