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By: Skiy Diamond, Alex Thomasson, Charlie Radford, Quintin Sumner

Project gum
There are many brands of gum claiming to be the best. Some have extra advantages like teeth
cleaning or no sugar. Some gums may claim to be high quality but are not as advertised. Our
QUESTION is out of Trident, Extra and wrigleys which lasts the longest?

First we had to buy the three types of gum.
We tested, Trident, Extra, and Wrigleys.
1. Open gum and chew
2. record how long flavor lasts,how it tasted on paper
3. repeat
4. compare results

1. One pack of Extra, Trident, and Wrigleys
2. Pencil and paper
3. Computer

Our groups hypothesis was that trident would have a better taste but not last as long because it
wasnt as big as the others. We thought Extra and Wrigleys would last about the same time
because they are made by the same company.

data table

brand how long it
lasted in
and how did it
trial 1 trial 2 trial 3
Extra 1 min, r: 7 1.5 min, r: 8 1 min, r:7 1.2 mins, r:

Wrigleys 1.5 mins, r: 3 1 min, r: 2 1.25 mins, r:
1.25 mins, r:

Trident 10 mins, r: 9 9.5 mins, r: 9 12 mins r: 10 10.5 mins, r:

r= rating given ( for flavor). rate scale from one to 10. 10 being very good 1 terrible

We found that Trident was the best gum for your money. Even though it was smaller it had
much better taste and lasted a long time and also had a long after-taste. Wrigley and Extra
seem very cheap and not very well made.

Trident was founded by the American chicle company because of the discovery that sugary
chewing gum is harmful to your teeth. They substituted sugar for saccharin and became the first
national sugar free chewing gum. The name Trident derives from the tree enzymes that were in
the original recipe that were thought to soften tartar. Trident was trying to promote health, their
slogan temporarily was Four out of five dentists recommend sugar-free chewing gum for people
who chew gum..

Extra is a brand produced by wrigleys and was started in 1984 as the companys first sugar-
free product. Within a few years it became one of the most popular chewing gums in the
country. It was the first brand to use Nutrasweet instead of saccharin. The brand varies
depending on where it is sold. It often has different flavors and logos.

Wrigleys was founded in 1891 on april first and originally sold soap and baking powder. In 1892
they begin packing gum in cans of baking powder. The gum soon became more popular than
the baking powder. They now have over 140 factories and sell in over 180 countries. In 2005
they bought altoids and life savers from Kraft. They are currently one of the most popular gum
brands everywhere.

Conclusion and results
We now know that our original hypothesis was partially correct. We as a group guessed that
trident would have the better flavor but we were wrong on how long it would last. We knew that
Wrigleys and extra would last about the same but we didnt think that trident would last as long
as it did. Three of us did one trial each and recorded the results.