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A. General Objective: Demonstrate ability to grasp fully the authors ideas including
supplementary meanings.
B. Specific Objectives:
1. Discuss the story using the elements of short story.
2. Compare and contrast Philippines from America through different aspects.
3. Form a semantic map for the word Filipino.
4. Appreciate the value of nationalism.
5. Realize the importance of preserving Filipino traits.

A. Short Story: Scent of Apples
By: Bienvenido N. Santos
B. Reference:
1. . Reference: Abelos, Alex V.,et. al. Philippine Literature : Rediscovering our
Regional Heritage, pp. 273-277.
C. Materials:
1. Power Point Presentation
2. Laptop and Projector
3. Visual aids
4. Picture
5. Apple

A. Preliminary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Checking of Attendance
3. Review of the Past Lesson

Republic of the Philippines
Sta. Elena, Marikina City

A Demonstration Lesson Plan in English 211
Survey of Philippine Literature
September 11, 2014

Directions: Divide the class into two groups. Arrange the jumbled lines of the
song Si Pilemon, Si Pilemon according to its order and after arranging it sing
the song.

1. guibakal sang tuba
2. namasol sa karagatan
3. sang isdang tambakan
4. si pilemon, si pilemon
5. nakakuha, nakakuha
6. sa merkado nga guba
7. ang binta niyay wala
8. ang binta niyay wala
9. guibaligya, guibaligya
B. Motive and Motivation Questions
Directions: Create a semantic map for the word Filipino.


Motive Questions:
1. Have you ever experienced living in other place or country?
2. What did you feel when you were in other place?
3. If you would be given the chance to move to another place or country,
what would it be? Why?

D. Presentation
Discuss the elements of short story in the story Scent of Apples. To make the
discussion more interesting, using an apple, pass it around to the class while singing B,
C, APPLE, whoever holding it at the end of the song he/she will be the one who will
answer the question. Ask students first to discuss the parts according to their own

Title: Scent of Apples
Author: Bienvenido N. Santos
Was born on March 22, 1911 in Tondo, Manila
A Filipino- American novelist, short story writer, and poet
Wrote the story of Scent of Apples During the World War II
Santos works of short fiction, among which are well-known
stories that depict the Filipino condition in America.
He passed away in 1996.
Setting: Kalamazoo, America
1. Bienvenido Santos- the Filipino young man, the narrative voice in
the story, writer himself
2. Celestino Fabia- Filipino farmer lived in America, married an
American woman
3. Ruth- an American woman, wife of Celestino Fabia
4. Roger- son of Celestino and Ruth

1. Introduction/ Beginning
The Filipino young man went to Kalamazoo on a speaking
engagement. On that place he met Celestino Fabia, a Filipino farmer. He was
happy to know that he travelled very long just to hear his talk.

2. Conflict
After the lecture, Mr. Fabia invited Mr. Santos over to his house
because he wanted to introduce him to his wife Ruth. The next day Mr.
Fabia picked up Mr. Santos, during their travel Mr. Fabia told his life in
the Philippines. He told that he was a hard headed boy in his family
before. He decided to live in Kalamazoo, America and build his own

3. Climax
He told to Mr. Santos that his family experienced poverty because
of his low paying job which planting and selling apples. He even suffered
from an acute appendicitis. Because Mr. Fabia lived long in Kalamazoo,
he is longing to his own county.

4. Resolution
Because of his perseverance, he and his family survived the
hardships they were experiencing. About Mr. Fabias longing to his own
country diminished because Mr. Santos gave an update about his country.

5. Ending
After their talk, Mr. Santos went back to the hotel. He asked Mr.
Fabia if he wanted to send news to his family but he refused. They shook
each other hand and said goodbye.

Comprehension Questions:
1. What do you think is the purpose of the author of writing the story?
2. What is the symbolic meaning of apple in the story?
3. Did you ever experience theead feeling of Fabia, the feeling of loneliness
and isolation? When?
4. As a reader, does the story awaken to love your own country?
5. Why do you think it is entitled Scent of Apple?
Valuing: Preserve the trait of loving your own country.

E. Practice Exercises
Group Activity
Directions: The students will be grouped into four. Each group will be given a
task to do.
1. Create a slogan showing your love to our country.
2. Create a short skit for your own ending of the story.
3. Compare and contrast the Filipinos and Americans in terms of beliefs,
education and lifestyle
4. Perform a song related to the story.

F. Evaluation
True or False
Directions: Identify each statement as true or false. Write true if the statement is
correct and false if the statement is wrong.
1. The story of Scent of Apples started with a brief introduction of
where the author was.
2. During the conference, the Filipino young man discovered what
Celestinos life in the Philippine was.
3. Celestino Fabia took along trip just to hear the Filipino young man talk.
4. Celestino Fabia lived in old Visayan town where there were lots of
5. The Sent of Apples in the story refers to the situation of the Filipinos in
terms of job in America.
6. The family of Celestino did not encounter any hardships in America.
7. When Ruth was still pregnant Celestino suffered from a cancer.
8. Celestino was a spoiled brat and black sheep in the family.
9. Celestinos family source of living in America is their apple orchard.
10. Celestino was very excited to know what is happening in his own

IV. Assignment
1. Cut out an article related to the story.
2. Read the story of Si Anabella.

Prepared by:

Student Teacher

Checked by:

Ms. Angelita A. Bonafe
Resource Teacher