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Revised August 2013

Accomplished Skilled Developing Not FIP
Clear Learning Targets

Lesson plan has a measurable learning goal & data is used to drive instruction

Learning targets are posted in student friendly terms

Ability to elaborate on learning target and how its related to curriculum

Students articulate and apply learning goal

Differentiated for all levels of learning

Learning goals are clearly communicated with two parents
Lesson plan has a measurable learning goal
that drives instruction

Clearly connected to state standards

Students can articulate learning goal

Learning target is posted

Students understand the lesson but are
unable to make connections to the
learning target
No learning target posted

No connection to lesson

Learning goals are not shared with
parents or students
Evidence of Student
Evidence that formative and summative assessment is informing instruction
(ex: adjusting in the moment, use of exit slips)

Students are involved in design of assessment and rubric

Data collected to guide interventions without grade consequence

Interventions for group and/or individuals based on evidence of learning
Learning targets are the basis of the

Lesson plans are adjusted based on
assessment data

Adjustments are more targeted to entire
class, not differentiated to the student

Uses wide range of assessment types to
meet the learning targets
Using formative assessments but dont
adjust instruction based on assessment

Uses a narrow range of assessments,
does not meet all learning targets
No Formative assessments are used

Assessment results are not reported or
easily interpreted
Evidence of a system for students to self monitor including rubrics designed
with student input, informal formative checks/assessments, teacher models
and utilizes peer to peer feedback, individualized learning goals

Teacher provides timely and frequent feed back

Feedback is content-specific

Provides feedback that addresses what is correct and elaborates on what
student needs to do next
Teacher checks for understanding and
makes adjustments in instruction

Teacher provides substantive and timely

Feed promotes improved student learning
Checks for understanding but
adjustments to instruction cause

Occasional or limited feedback

No student monitoring or self-directed

Only gives success feedback (ex: smiley
faces, stickers that have no meaning
attached to them)

Large lag time between assessment and

Does not advance learning or no feedback
is provided at all
Student Ownership of
their Learning
Teacher asks open-ended questions

Students ask for help to clarify understanding

Students set learning goals independently

Students are self motivated

Students track progress/grades in an organized fashion (ex: binders, charts)

Students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning

Teachers asks closed-ended questions

Teacher directs students who need help

Teacher and students come up with learning
goals together

Students can access their progress/grades
through the teacher
Teacher uses mostly lecture-based

No repetition or chance for practice of
knowledge or skills

Teacher sets goals without student input
Students are unaware of their progress or

Students do not reflect on their own