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Jennifer Melendez

September 18, 2014

CSIT 101
Assignment 1: Information Literacy


Emerging Technology
1.Apple says iOS 8 will shield your data from police
1a. Apple is known for the number one products that they sell. This is from the IPhone, iPad,
and computers. But such technology and many different versions, has allowed the government
to control and have possession on what the consumers actually do with these technologies.
With this new technology iOS 8, just being released this Wednesday, Apple says that the
government will no longer be able to access any data that is in possession of that individual.
Apple is known for its privacy protection. CEO Tim Cook said in a blog that Apple has never
worked with government agencies and never has allowed access to the servers and never will.
iOS 8: Official features, Now available for download
1b. Technology is one of the things that keeps advancing as times goes by. The new technology
that has come out recently is IOS 8. This new technology has more advance features than iOS 7.
For example, apps can display useful information on the today screen, like the weather and
sports scores. Siri can identify a song playing in its surroundings, and it even lets you share
iTunes purchases with your family. The update is only available to iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S. Since
this is just coming out, users have to be patients to all get on the server at the same time.
Whether you can get it, depends on your memory, operating system, and if you have a lot of
apps. Reason is that the new software has bugs and that will probably slow down some
applications or drain your battery life. So the real question is whether you want to get the new
technology now that it just came out or wait for some of the bugs to get fixed?
The biggest iOS release ever
1c. With Apple releasing the iPhone 6 this Friday, users all want to get their hands on the new
technology and be the first ones to use it. However the free download of iOS 8 is only available
to iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, or 5S. Apple says that the users will have device continuity, that you will be
able to answer phone calls from your laptop or your iPad. There will be more widgets that will
let you customize your settings to your own preferences. Apple will be having keyboard
changes that will allow the user to communicate faster and easier. Not only does Siri talk to its
owner as well, but now with the new technology, it will be able to identify the song playing if
you ask it to. Also, all iTunes purchases will be able to be shared with up to six people, saving
time and money.
3. Keywords: iOS 8, iPhone 6, Apple, mobile technology, security,
Search engines used: Google, Yahoo!
Jennifer Melendez
September 18, 2014
CSIT 101
Assignment 1: Information Literacy


Comparing the two different search engines:
Google Both Yahoo!
Relevance is more up to date Show relevant information on
Has more advertisements
Focuses more on finding the
topic for its user(S)
Numerous results Powered by Bing, another
search engine
More professional, you select
what you need such as
images, news, maps, etc
Offers a lot of products, such
as mail, news, finance, etc

When doing my research on my topic, I found that Google helped me more because the
information related to my topic was accessible and useful. Unlike Google, Yahoo had more
articles that it was really easy to see that they were more biased than reliable.
4. The article that stands out to me most is the first one 1a. it was written September 18, 2014
at 5:15 pm by Chris Isidore and Jose Pagliery @CNNTech. It has been published before earlier
the same day but in the morning. It relates to my topic because it shows examples of how the
emerging technology is all around us. It also talks about the different actions that the user will
be able to do with the new iPhone and how the company protects its customers information.
This looks like accurate information because it has been published on a news website and all
the information pertaining cannot be biased. The evidence to support this is that the article is
published on New York (CNNMoney) website. This article has been written to inform the
audience of the new features of the iPhone 6 and the material is objective.
5. Two scholarly journal articles
Absolute Software Corporation; Absolute Software Provides Extended Support for iOS 8 and
Apple Devices
Personal Computer Companies; Apple Announces iOS 8 Available September 17
Keywords: iOS 8, Apple, Apple Devices
Databased used: ProQuest Science Journals
This database was chosen because they can be found on the science & technology databases.
They provide the references for the information stated and they are written in an objective
manner. They are also recent articles and have not been republished.
Jennifer Melendez
September 18, 2014
CSIT 101
Assignment 1: Information Literacy


6. When comparing the two articles, I want to compare, iOS 8: Official features, Now available for
download and Personal Computer Companies; Apple Announces iOS 8 Available September 17.
The two articles focus on the new features of the iPhone 6, but the first article mentioned has listed the
features from the getgo. For example, the first article jumps into talking about the earlier versions of the
technology and how it has changed. The article shows quick access to the material and it does not have
paragraphs of background information. The second article, you have to skim through it to find the new
updates on the iOS 8 and the keywords are highlighted so the user can identify the relevance to the
topic. For the timeliness, both articles have recently been written but the second one shows more
accuracy. This is because the first one states that the article is in response to a recent blog as to where
the second article is written to inform and has no comments or suggestions at the bottom of the page.
That ties into the authority that the article belongs to. The second one seems more credible because the
references are listed on the bottom of the article and it shows where the information was obtained
from. The first article you have to look for the author and the references.
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