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Lesson Title: Teacher Experience I

Grade Level: Ingls I

UCSC Supervisor: Astrid Guerra

Supervisor Signature: ______________________________________

Mentor Teacher: Carolina Rojas

Teacher Signature: ______________________________________

Adapted to the MDD standards and tasks from based the document
Level II Teacher Work Sample. University of Northern Iowa, Level 2 of
the UNI Teacher Education Professional Sequence.


MDD Standard
The teacher candidate collects data regarding the institutional and
classroom contexts, the characteristics of the pupils as a group and its
diversity, using this information to plan and deliver instruction.

1. Community in which the school is located and/or serves, municipality
or owner and school factors:

Universidad Catlica de la Santsima Concepcin is located in Alonso de
Ribera 2850, Concepcin, Chile. The University is surrounded by two of the
main neighbourhood of the town. It is located in the roots of the city which
makes it accessible to those students that come from Talcahuano, Penco,
Tom and Concepcin itself.

In addition, UCSC is the acronym of the university. It is a traditional,
autonomous and with public rights. It is subscribed to the Board of
Chancellors; therefore, it receives economic support from the state. UCSC
is part of the Chilean Chapter of Catholic Universities as well.

According to Universia (2014), there are 6.121 students that are part of the
student community. Even though that the university accept people from all
social class, it is suppose that the majority of UCSC students belong to the
middle-class because of the big number of scholarships, yet a big group is
part of the upper-class. On the other hand, 809 teachers work at
Universidad Catlica de la Santsima Concepcin.

Most of the students in the class that I am observing do not like English.
There is one student that is really interested in languages. However, all of
them declared that they listen to music in English. Talking about television, 8
out of 12 students prefer watch TV series or films in Spanish rather than in

1.1. How These Factors May Impact My Lessons:

I would not know exactly how these factors might impact my lessons while
teaching. However, it gives an idea about how students might be like, what
their interests are and whether they like English or not. Therefore, it would
have an important impact when planning a lesson and to choose the correct
tasks and activities for the students in order to catch their attention and
make the learning process meaningful.

2. Student Characteristics and Their Instructional Implications:

2.1 Description of First Characteristic of Student(s) in this Class:

The first characteristic of the students in the class is that they do not attend
to class regularly. It means that few students attend; actually there are no
more than five students out of twelve. Even though that five students are a
lot considering that the total of students is twelve, the number of students is
a subject to consider because it is wide apart from the Chilean context.

2.1.1 How This Characteristic Will Impact my Lesson:

As not many students attend to classes is would not affect much the
management of the class. However, it might be something positive for some
to not have many students inside the classroom, yet due to the Chilean
reality inside the classroom it would not be helpful. In addition, it would not
affect badly the classroom management as they are few students, but it
would be difficult to realise how any situation should be managed. It is not
something atrocious to have few students in what classroom management is
concerned, but it is not realistic according to the Chilean context.

2.2 Description of Second Characteristic of Students in this Class:

The second characteristic of students is the lack of proficiency they have.
Even though they are first year students and they are taking English I, they
are not able to transmit their ideas, not even with minimal responses. It
seems that some students understand spoken English, but they still answer
in Spanish. On the other hand, few students do not understand anything
about what the teacher explains and are not able to link the knowledge they
are taught to the tasks they are asked to fulfil.

2.2.1 How This Characteristic Will Impact my Lesson:

This second characteristic might have an important impact in my lessons.
Teaching English to true beginners is already a challenge, thus teaching
English to people that might not have the ability for languages is also a
challenge. Hence, I will have to provide the students the opportunity to
express themselves in English with minimal response at least. Besides,
instructions that are not understood by the students once giving in English, it
is not dreadful to go back to Spanish because it helps students to
understand the input and gives students the opportunity to complete the

3. Physical Aspects of the Classroom and Their Instructional

3.1 Description of First Physical Aspect:

One of the most important aspect to take a look at when observing a class is
the seating arrangement of the class not only because it helps students to
learn better, but also because a bad seating arrangement might hinder the
learning process as well. The seating arrangement of the class is the
traditional one which does not provides much opportunities to students to
face one another and to communicate better. As the number of students is
not that big, the students tend to sit with a certain distance from one another
as well as from the teacher and they should sit in a semi-circle to foster the
learning process.

3.1.1 How This Aspect Will Impact My Lesson:

This aspect will have a huge impact on my lesson due to that few students
might be willing to participate or to pay attention. If the students do not pay
attention or still sit with a certain distance, it would be required to make
some changes in order to give all the students the chance to face one
another and to look at the teacher in a semi-circle arrangement.

3.2 Description of Second Physical Aspect:

The second important physical aspect is where the classroom itself is
located. The classroom is located in the back part of the building according
to where the main entrance is. It means that there is a hill that does not
permit light to get into the classroom. The classroom is most of time darker
than other classrooms but it does not interfere much with the development
of the class. Notwithstanding, it is known that a lack of light inside a room
affects how people behave and it decreases the interest of the students in
this case.

3.2.1How This Aspect Will Impact My Lesson:

This last aspect would not have a tremendous impact on my lessons,
because it might affect one or two students. Although some effects might be
present when teaching, but if the teacher tries his/her best and provides
opportunities for the students to be active and participate, no much issues
the teacher would have to deal with. Besides, there is a switcher in every
classroom, thus it can be switch it on if there is no enough light.

4. Reflects on the importance of knowing about students and the context
to provide quality teaching

It is certainly important to know my students and the context to provide
quality teaching. One of the main reason to know the students and their
context is for being able to plan my lessons according to their interests as
well as their social context. When planning is important to reflect on the
different tasks that the students are going to be ask to fulfil and so does the
topic of the lessons.