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English 1

Module IV
Revised June 2005
Editor: Marlo Salvatierra,
Equipo de Creatividad Acadmica
CERPA Centro de Estudios Regionales de Panam
Autorizado por el Ministerio de Educacin.
(Pre-Media y Media Laboral, Tcnico Superior)
Sede Central: Repblica de Panam, Provincia de Panam, San Miguelito,
La Gran Estacin, entrando entre Wendys y Sacks, 2do alto.
Apartado Postal: 804070, Arraijn, Panam
Tel. (507) 261-1916, 261-6781
English 1 Jul.20.04
General Objective
Unit 1 The Human Senses
Specific Objectives
1.1. Plural of Nouns ending in no Special Letter
1.2. Reading and Discussion: The Human Senses.
1.3. Practice...
1.4. Self Identification.
Unit 2 Childhood
Specific Objectives
2.1. Plural of Nouns ending in s, z, sh, ch, x, or o.
2.2. Reading and Discussion: Childhood
2.3. Write a Composition....
2.4. Practice
Unit 3 Adolescence
Specific Objectives
3.1. Plural of Nouns ending in y
3.2. Reading and Discussion: Adolescence...
3.3. Write a Composition
3.4. Important issues to identify Adolescence...
Unit 4 Adulthood.
Specific Objectives
4.1. Plural of Nouns Irregular forms and Other Regular Forms.
4.2. Reading and Discussion: Adulthood..
4.3. To write a discourse
4.4. Important issues to identify Adulthood..
Final Project......................................................................................................
Concept Map ..
General Objective
That the participant be able to communicate in English at a very low
beginning level.
American Inside Out, 2003. Sue Kay & Vaugh Jones. MacMillan Publishers
I love English. Capelle Pavlik Segal. Regent Publishing Company, Inc. 1995
University of Miami Dictionary Espaol/Ingles-Ingles/Espaol. Editorial
Amrica, S.A. 1998
Unit 1 The Human Senses
Specific Objectives
That the Participant masters the plural of nouns ending in no special letter.
That the Participant talks about the human senses.
At the end of this Unit the participant will be able to:
change to plural form nouns ending in no special letter.
identify and talk about the human senses.
1.1. Plural of Nouns ending in no Special Letter.
To make most nouns plural, simply add an "S" at the end, as illustrated in the
following pairs of sentences:
For example: This is one sense.
I have five senses.
a. That jacket. Those jacket___
b. This finger. These finger____
c. A sense. Five sense_____
d. An eye. Two eye______
e. A dream. My dream_____
f. That person. Those person___
1.2. The Human Senses
Read the Vocabulary
Look at the words above and write each one under the column most
similar to its meaning.
Sight Hearing Smell Taste Touch
________ ________ ________ ________ ________
________ ________ ________ ________ ________
________ ________ ________ ________ ________
________ ________ ________ ________ ________
________ ________ ________ ________ ________
Reading: Sight
Human beings have five senses. They are: sight, hearing, smell, taste and
touch. Each sense has a specific organ and function. Sight permits humans to
see everything around, for example: colors and forms. It functions throughout
the eyes. Hearing allows us to listen to the sounds we hear with the organ of
the ears. Another sense is smell; through the nose we perceive different smells.
The fourth one is taste. This sense allows us to know the food tastes, if it tastes
sweet, sour, bitter or salty. The tongue is the organ used for this sense. Finally,
touching allows us to touch and to feel the forms and shapes. It works together
the biggest organ of the body, the skin. These are the five human senses.
Answer the questions.
a. How many senses do human beings have?
b. Name them.
c. Which organs allow their function?
English 1 Jul.20.04
1.3. Vocabulary Exercise
Look at the s added to these nouns.
Noun Plural Noun Plural
Sense - s: senses human being - s : human beings
Sound - s: sounds human - s : humans
Color - s: colors tongue - s : tongues
Eye - s: eyes
Ear - s: ears
nose - s : noses
form - s : forms
1.4. Self Identification
Practice and change the noun into plural form.
Head: heads
a) Hair: _______
b) Ear: _______
c) Lip: _______
d) Shoulder: _______
e) Hand: _______
f) Finger: _______
g) Palm: _______
English 1 Jul.20.04
h) Leg: _______
i) Chest: _______
j) Knee: _______
Write each singular noun in plural form.
1. dress - ________________________________
2. church - ________________________________
3. half - ________________________________
4. boy - ________________________________
5. kite - ________________________________
6. colony - ________________________________
7. knife - ________________________________
8. box - ________________________________
9. computer - _____________________________
10. key - ________________________________
For more on line information and practice:
Unit 2 Childhood
Specific Objectives
That the participant masters the plural forms of nouns ending in ch, sh, -x, -z, -
s, -o and dialogues about childhood.
At the end of this Unit the participant will be able to:
change the nouns ending in ch, sh, -x, -z, -s, -o into plural form.
talk about childhood using plural nouns.
2.1. Plural of nouns ending in s, x, z, sh, ch, o.
Rank the list of words below in order of what children talk about or like.
a. Faxes
b. bees h. Museums.
c. Judges i. Kisses
d. Dinosaurs j. Pianos
e. Witches k. Cell phones
f. Tomatoes l. Games
1. __________________________ 7. _____________________________
2. __________________________ 8. _____________________________
3. __________________________ 9. _____________________________
4. ___________________________ 10. ____________________________
5. ___________________________. 11. ____________________________
6. ____________________________ l2. ____________________________
Plural of Nouns ending in s, z, sh, ch, x, and o.
For nouns that end in -ch, -sh, -s, -x, and z, you must add "ES" to
make them plural.
English 1 Jul.20.04
Switch switches
2.2. Writing: Childhood
Write a 3-paragraph Composition about something that happened to you
during your Childhood. Send it to your instructor by email. Answer the
questions below:
What mischief did you do when you were a child?
Which one do you remember?
2.4. Important issues to identify Childhood
Type the Correct Answer in the Blanks.
A dish many_________
A kiss some__________
My watch their__________
One box two___________
One buzz two___________
For more on line information and practice:
English 1 Jul.20.04
Look at the Word Spiral and find these nouns: kids, animals, candies, pies,
chocolates, cartoons.
English 1 Jul.20.04
Look for the Following Words: boys, girls, plays, games, pets, cats, dolls, kids,
crayons, balls.
Unit 3 Adolescence
Specific Objectives
That the participant masters the plural forms of nouns ending in y
That the participant talks about adolescence
At the end of this Unit the participant will be able to:
change nouns ending in y into plural form.
talk about adolescence.
Plural of Nouns ending in y.
Nouns that end in consonant + y are added ies, and eliminated the letter
Nouns that end in vowel + y are added s.
For example:
A. Party (ies) ------------Parties
B. Key (s) ---------------Keys
C. Story (ies)------------Stories
D. History (ies)---------Histories
E. Candy (ies) ---- -----Candies
F. Toy (s) ------------ Toys
G. Kitty (ies) -----------Kitties
H. Baby (ies) ---------- Babies
Complete the Sentences with the Correct Plural Form.
a) We are going to the all __________. (Party)
b) I lost the ___________ (key)
c) Tell me a __________ (story)
d) I dont like Napoleons ___________ (history)
English 1 Jul.20.04
e) My cousin loves to eat ____________ (candy)
3.2 Writing: Adolescence
Write your Comments about Adolescence.
Do you think adolescents have problems today?
In what ways are adolescents influenced by television, discos, and
Why do you think some adolescents do not like to go to school? Do you
know an adolescent who behaves in this way?
3.3. Prepare a Presentation
Write a Short, 2-minute oral presentation about Adolescence.
3.4. Important Issues to identify Adolescence.
Read and complete the story. Write a 3-paragraph composition about
Tina and Will.
Tina and Will are friends since Elementary School. Then, when they have to
study in different High Schools
English 1 Jul.20.04
For more on line information and practice:
Unit 4 Adulthood
Specific Objective
That the participant masters the irregular plural forms of nouns.
At the end of this Unit the participant will be able to:
identify the irregular forms of plural nouns
use the irregular forms of plural nouns
4.1. Plural of Nouns Irregular Forms and Other Regular Forms.
Irregular Plural Form. Some words are:
Singular Plural
Foot Feet
Woman Women
Man Men
Child Children
Mouse Mice
Tooth Teeth
Datum Data
Fungi Fungus
Never add s or es to any of these nouns, they already have their plural form.
Other Regular Form
English 1 Jul.20.04
In order to form the plural in words that end in f or fe delete the last letter
and add ves.
Word examples:
4.2. Reading: Adulthood
Write a Composition about Adulthood.
Write a Presentation
Write a Short, 3-minute presentation about Adulthood. Use irregular plurals
and other regular forms of nouns.
4.4. Important Issues to identify Adulthood
Complete with the Plural Form in English and the Singular and Plural in
A. John has a fungus. John has fungi.
B. Its healthy to eat an apple a day. Its healthy to eat _______ every day.
C. Hes a good man. Theyre good_________.
D. A woman today works, takes care of the house and children.
_____________today work, take care of the house and children.
E. A Child is cute. ________ are cute.
English 1 Jul.20.04
F. My tooth is white. My _____ are white.
Final Project
English 1
Revised: July 2005
Editor: Marlo Salvatierra
Redactora: Marissa Quiroz V.
The Final Project for this Module consists of reading about, investigating and writing
about what you learned in English 1. You must read points 1 - 10 below carefully.
Your final project must be sent by e-mail as a word attachment to your instructor no
later than _______. Enumerate and elaborate on each point.
1. Make a chart with the Plural Rules. Make 3 sections: Rule, Plural
Nouns and Sentences. Write five sentences for each plural noun.
Rule Plural Nouns Sentences
2. Write a presentation about the function of one human sense. Prepare a
Powerpoint Presentation and email it to your Instructor.
3. Write the plural for these images.
a. _______________ b. ____________
English 1 Jul.20.04
c. ________________ d. ____________
4. Read the paragraph and write the senses mentioned or the verb related
with senses in the paragraph.
I was watching Discovery Health on television at home last night. The
sound was not good. I think there was a problem with the TV station.
So, I turned off the TV and turned on the radio. I listened to music all
night long. It was good exercise because I danced while I listened to
the music. After doing this, I ate a big piece of apple pie that was
5. Name nouns ending in s, z, sh, ch, x, and o and complete
sentences using the nouns.
6. Write a composition about your childhood, your school, teachers and
everything you remember. Send it by email to your Instructor as a
Powerpoint Presentation.
7. Answer this question: What kind of toys do you think are best for
children? What are the reasons?
8. Do you think youths enjoy adolescence? Write a 3-page composition
with your supporting statements.
English 1 Jul.20.04
9. Change the nouns into the plural form and write the corresponding
10.Write a story using the irregular plurals of these words.
Send it by email as a Powerpoint Presentation to your Instructor.
1. We want your comments and suggestions. Write a summary of
each unit. What did you like most and what did you like least?
This should be a summary from your point of view. Which topics
did you understand and which ones did you not understand?
Thank you for your comments and constructive critiques.
English 1 Jul.20.04
PLEASE NOTE. In Module 4 English 1 there is no case-study assignment.
Annex 1
How to resolve a case-study
The first thing you have to do to with a case-study assignment is read it. As you read
the case, dont look for details or take notes. Just read the case imagining and feeling
what you read. Read it as many times as necessary to get a general impression about
it. You have to get into what is said by the writer and the message he is conveying.
Just like you watch a movie, picture the characters in your mind doing what they are
said to be doing. Hear the voices and listen to their conversations in you mind as you
read along. Make the case into something real in your mind and become part of it.
Only after you have done this, can you begin to resolve it.
When you finish reading the case, youll find several questions. Your task is to
respond to each question. However, you wont always find specific questions written
about something or someone but just an allusion. This last type is like a real-live
situation in your life: No one has a document with questions clearly defined by some
one else with the answer to questions you might have about your life.
We all have problems and live situations narrated in the case-studies. What we try to
do, and what we in fact do, is try to resolve them. Some times we are able to do it
and others not. Sometimes the solutions we implement are not the best and at others
they are the best ones. Be it as it may, we have to try and resolve them. To advance
in our life, we have to resolve our problems and define our own questions. That is
what you have to do to write your answer to the case-study.
In this Module, there is no case-study assignment. There are 11 points to answer at
the end of the Module. Answering these points is your Final Project.
English 1 Jul.20.04
Create a Concept Map about what you learned in English 1. If you need to brush-up
or dont know how to create a Concept Map, please refer to the web sites below.
Introduction to Concept Maps
Tips of making your Concept Maps
Kinds of Concept Maps
Map Banks