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Marketing Plan Of SUNSILK

This is a class project about marketing plan of new product launched by any company. This project is presented in the course Global
Marketing which is offered in MBA. In this project we have to present new product idea and complete marketing plan regarding that new
Product idea should be new and should not be related with any existing product already
launched in the market. If idea is related with any existing product then it must be
advanced and much different with that product.
My new idea is COLOR SHAMPOO under the brand name of SUNSILK and the parent
company is UNILEVER Pakistan.
The new concept is color shampoo under the brand name of SUNSILK which is already famous
all over the world. This is the advanced form of shampoos and new feature add up in the
shampoo which is coloring hairs as well as removing dandruff and cleaning hairs.

Color shampoo is a shampoo which has ability to color your hair every time when you use it. It is
available in different colors and when you use different color shampoo every time it works.
Shampoo has ability to clean your hair and remove dandruff but new SUNSILK color shampoo
is not for removing dandruff or cleaning hairs but make hairs colorful.

SUNSILK COLOR shampoo is alternative of hair color tonic and it works simply. Just apply on
your hairs like ordinary shampoo and feel your hair colorful.

UNILEVER Marketing Objectives:
Increase sales
Every company has primary marketing objective and that is increase of its sales. Company is made for earning profit and with the help or maximizing sales
high profit can be achieved.
Increase market share
When you try to increase sales actually you try to find your new customers and increase your
customer leads. It means you try to maximize your market share.
Expand into overseas markets
Unilever has marketing objective is to expand into overseas market. Unilever always try to
operate in different countries.
Be socially responsible i.e. ethical
Being a part or society Unilever has objective to be responsible socially .e. ethical. Ethics and
common social values must be considered in Unilevers marketing policies.

SUNSILK Color Shampoo Marketing Objectives:
Establish a strong brand image and consumer loyalty.
Easiest and availability of the product to the target consumer.
Create awareness about this uncommon product.
Reduce cost
Maintain positive strong growth in starting years

Target Market:
Target market is basically specific customers that will purchase your product or for whom you
make product.

Female gender between the age of 14 to 30
Especially target to fashionable girls

Why they selected?
Two reasons for selecting 14 to 30 years girls as a target market for SUNSILK COLOR
14 to 30 is normally age of fashion.
This product is for fashionable girls.

This is the only company, Unilever, that producing color shampoo.
No Competition for this product as no other company is making this type of product.
Positioning is your products desire image in your target customers or what do your
customers actually think about your product.

Distinctive qualities
SUNSILK Color Shampoo is not only a hair color shampoo but a dandruff removing
shampoo also.
SUNSILK Color Shampoo is suitable for all types of hairs.
SUNSILK Color Shampoo is delivering Consumer Promise

Slogan is tags line that company use to make its customer easy to remember its product.
Official SUNSILK Slogan
Because Life Cant Wait
Color Shampoo Slogan
Live in Colors

Marketing Mix:
Marketing mix is a mixture of 4 different things.
It is also known as 4 Ps of products. One brand must contain these four characteristics.

The term "product" refers to tangible, physical products as well as services.
Product Decisions
There are some important product decisions company has to be made:
Brand name:
Name of my color shampoo product is SUNSILK and company name is UNILEVER.
Primary function of color shampoo is coloring hair. Secondary function is cleaning hairs and
removing dandruff.
Quality must be good because hairs are quite sensitive and can be damage because of low quality
Safety of hairs and heads skin is considered very important.
SUNSILK Color shampoo is available ordinary packages i.e. 100 ml and 250 ml.

There are no competitors in the market.
High price will be charged then the normal shampoo
Price skimming strategy can also be used.
There is no price discrimination.

Distribution channels:
Existing distribution network is used for this product also.
Market coverage Strategy:
For SUNSILK Color shampoo inclusive market coverage strategy will be adopted. Every retail
store, super store and beauty salon is member of distribution network.

Promotional strategy
Pull strategy will be used for this product. Complete and thorough information regarding product
will transfer through advertising and other promotional techniques.
Marketing communications budget
High communication and advertising budget will allocate for this product.
Public relations & publicity
Other techniques like public relations & publicity will use.
Personal selling & sales force
Sales force will hire for promotion of this color shampoo that will visit to homes and institutes
for product demonstrations.
Heavy advertising will be made for this product.

Communication tools
Electronic media
Print media
Bill boards
Free sampling
Advertising alliance

Advertisement objectives
The advertisement of a product should follow the smile approach that is:
S- Simple: Advertising will very simple and easily understandable for all customers.
M- Memorable: easily memorable
I- Interesting with relevant information
L- Linked to the brand: directly related with product characteristics.
E-Emotionally involved and liked

Marketing Mix + Sunsilk = Progressive Career
There were so many products that launched everyday in different parts of the world. In just a blink of
eye different products of different kinds were made. Just like Sunsilka worldwide shampoo product, is
one of those many products that were made to supply all our needs for everyday existence.
The purpose of this product review is to know the marketing mix of the given product. After knowing
the marketing mix, I can conclude why this product was so progressive and popular.
The product is a tangible one. It can be perceived by our 5 different sense organs and it is physical. This product was made for
hair treatment it also has extra features that adds to the promotional strategies. It has different types of brands for different hair types.
It can offer a hair treatment for frizzy hair; it also makes your hair smooth. If you want to have a good hair shape they also have
available brand types to repair the shape of your hair. They also have anti-dryness for those who have dry scalp and so on and so forth.
This made the Sunsilk very popular and trendy in the market.
It can be classified as staple goods because consumers would love to buy it regularly. It is somehow a need for them to have
shampoo for a better hair types.

They use market penetration to penetrate their market. They lower the price to attract their target audiences to buy the
product because it is a need and consumers find irresistible whenever they buy this product. It is good strategy for the company to
lower the price so that it can reach even to the lower class people of the society.
They also used promo pricing. They give promos to all the buyers and the users of the product. Its like if they buy a dozen
sachet of shampoo they can get a free half dozen of it. If you will notice Sunsilk shampoo comes in two pouches per sachet which is a
part of their promo so that it can attract customers to but their products.
Sunsilk is distributed in different countries including Philippines and Brazil. It started in one
country until the company decided to reach other countries to penetrate big market. They first do the
market segmentation which knowing and dividing the right segments or target place where the products
put into. The company Unilever uses this step to know where they can place their products because it is
very costly if they distributed all their products in different parts of the world. After segmentation, the
company is now targeting its segments. They first identify their potential product then after which they
now putting or establishing the product on the identified segment. Eventually after segmenting and
targeting, the company is now positioning their product. They are now putting their product on the
mind of their target audiences. They dont want their product to be fantasized only but to be
remembered by people.
This was the major segmentation used by the said product:
Geographic Segmentation, which is they first divide the markets into different geographical units such as
nations, countries (Philippines and Brazil), Country Region (Particularly in Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and
Mindanao), Density (Urban, Suburban and Rural)
Demographic Segmentation, which is they divide the market into group based on variables like age
(adolescence and up), gender (it was really for female but now it can be for men too), family size (its for
families 1-2, 3-4, 5+), family life cycle (young, single, married, no children, young married, older, married
with children) and Nationality (Filipino and Brazilian)
The company promoted Sunsilk in different kinds of advertisement. First print advertisement,
the product was promoted through this kind of advertisement. They can either use an endorser or
simply the product itself. They use big artists or stars for the product to grow big and know by their
audiences. They also use TV advertisements most especially doing some commercials that will informed
their target audiences about the product. They also use endorsers to promote the product nationwide.
Such endorsers would be Marian Rivera and Sarah Geronimo.