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1. Mrs. Aditya : If I don’t have certificate showing ownership of property for

the guarantee, will the bank lend me some money?
Mrs. Harry : I can’t say that for sure.
The underlined expression is used to express….
a. dissatisfaction
b. disappointed
c. disagreement
d. uncertainty
e. greeting
2. Dina : Sooner or later rare animals
will disappear from our forest.
Tari : …. I think the government have to
make greater efforts to save them.
a. that’s wrong
b. I’m very pleased
c. I don’t think so
d. That’s bad news
e. Really
3. X : Jane didn’t pass her exam.
Y : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
From the underlined words we know that the second speaker expresses her ….
a. disappointment
b. sympathy
c. apology
d. displeasure
e. pleasure
4. Chandra : Sorry to bother you, but
could you tell me the way
to SMP 1?
Dodi : Well, turn right at the
corner. The school is about
100 meters from there.
Chandra : Thanks.
In the dialogue, Chandra is……
a. rejecting help
b. accepting an offer
c. asking for direction
d. expressing hope
e. expressing pleasure
5. Ratu : “….……the airport?”
Kadiata : “ Just take a taxi. It is the
easiest way.”
a. could you tell me how to get to
b. I will tell how to get
c. You wouldn’t tell me the way
d. Would you describe a taxi
e. Help me please

6. Perdana can lift that heavy box.

The correct amazement is…
a. How heavy Perdana is!
b. How a heavy boy Perdana is!
c. What a strong boy Perdana is!
d. What is Perna!
e. thanks
7. Laila : ……………
Sanusi : Sure. I said that you should
mix all of the ingredients
Laila : OK, all right. Thanks.
a. could you repeat that again?
b. Repeat!
c. Really?
d. Are you sure?
e. Would you?
8. Asep : ……
Ida : Thank you. I made it from recycled paper.
a. wow, that’s awesome!
b. Are you sure that’s all of the steps?
c. Don’t mention it!
d. Thanks, Ida.

Questions for number 9 – 12.

9. Why are orangutan endangered?

a. Habitat lost and hunting
b. hunting and helping
c. killing and reserving
d. habitat lost and saving
e. losing their ancestors
10. How long do orangutan babies consume their mother’s milk?
a. nine months
b. three months
c. three years
d. one year
e. forever
11. “infants” stay very close to their
mothers for the first three years.”
The underlined word means….
a. orangutan babies
b. orangutans
c. adult orangutans
d. old orangutan
e. teenager orangutans
12. What is the function of the first paragraph?
a. Explaining what orangutan is
b. Explaining orangutans’ diet
c. Explaining orangutans’ habitat
d. Explaining orangutans’ anatomy
e. Explaining the hunter
Questions for number 13 – 15.


½ of avocado
3 tbs. of condensed milk
1 of coconut water and coconut shavings
Some ice cube
How to make it:
1. cut the avocado into small pieces
2. Put ice cube into the glass
3. Fill ½ of the glass with some coconut water and coconut shavings
4. Add the sliced avocado
5. add the condensed milk on the top of avocado
6. Mixed ice is ready to be served
13. The text tells you ……
a. About avocado
b. How to mix ice
c. How to make mixed ice
d. How to eat mixed ice
e. What is es campur
14. You need 3 tbs of condensed milk.
The underlined word is abbreviation
a. Spoon
b. Teaspoon
c. Tablespoon
d. Cup
e. glass
15. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To describe something
b. To instruct something
c. To narrate story
d. To argue on something
e. To tell the experience

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