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Music-Smart Quiz (Musical)

1. ____ I have a pleasant singing voice.
2. ____ I can tell when a musical note is off-key.
3. ____ I frequently listen to music on the radio, !s, or
"#3 player.
$. ____ I play a musical instrument.
%. ____ I often walk around with a song running through my
&. ____ I can easily keep time to a piece of music.
'. ____ I know the tune to many songs.
(. ____ I often make tapping sounds or hum while studying or
learning something new.
Body-Smart Quiz (Bodily-Kinaesthetic)
1. ____ I participate in at least one sport or physical activity on
a regular )asis.
2. ____ I find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time.
3. ____ I like working with my hands )y doing activities such
as sewing, carving, model )uilding.
$. ____ I frequently use hand gestures or other forms of )odily
language when I am talking.
%. ____ I need to touch things in order to learn more a)out
&. ____ I en*oy daredevil amusement rides or similar thrilling
physical e+periences.
'. ____ I think I am well co-ordinated.
(. ____ I need to practice a new skill rather than read a)out it
or watch a video descri)ing it.
Peope-Smart Quiz (Interpersonal)
1. ____ "y friends come to me for advice.
2. ____ I prefer team sports, such as )asket)all, instead of solo
sports, such as diving.
3. ____ ,hen I have a pro)lem, I usually talk to another
person a)out it instead of working it out on my own.
$. ____ I have three close friends.
%. ____ I would rather play games like "onopoly with other
people instead of watching television or playing
computer games )y myself.
&. ____ I am comforta)le in a crowd of people.
'. ____ I am involved in e+tra-curricular activities at school or
in my community.
(. ____ I would rather spend time with my friends than stay at
Se!-Smart Quiz (Intrapersonal)
1. ____ I like to spend time alone thinking and reflecting a)out
my life.
2. ____ I like to take qui--es that ena)le me to learn more
a)out myself.
3. ____ If I have a personal pro)lem, I do not let it get me
down. I solve it and get going.
$. ____ I have goals for my life that I think a)out regularly.
%. ____ I consider myself to )e very independent.
&. ____ I keep a personal diary or *ournal to record my
thoughts a)out what happens to me.
'. ____ I often prefer to )e alone than with a large group of
(. ____ I have a very clear idea of my strengths and
Picture-Smart Quiz (Visual-Spatial)
1. ____ I often see clear images when I close my eyes.
2. ____ I am good at co-ordinating colours.
3. ____ I frequently use a camera or a video camera to record
what I see around me.
$. ____ I en*oy doing *igsaw pu--les, 3-! pu--les, and ma-es.
%. ____ I can generally find my way around unfamiliar territory.
&. ____ I like to draw or doodle.
'. ____ I can look at an o)*ect one way and imagine what it
would look like from a different angle.
(. ____ I prefer reading articles and )ooks that have lots of
diagrams and pictures.
"ord-Smart Quiz (Linguistic)
1. ____ .ooks are very important to me.
2. ____ I can hear words in my head )efore I read, speak, or
write them down.
3. ____ I get more out of listening to the radio than I do from
watching television or videos.
$. ____ I en*oy playing games that involve words.
%. ____ I en*oy entertaining myself or others with tongue
twisters or puns.
&. ____ /ther students sometimes stop and ask me to e+plain
the meaning of a word I am using.
'. ____ 0anguage 1rts, 2rench, and history are easier for me
than math and science.
(. ____ I often write stories or poems in my spare time.
Lo#ic-Smart Quiz (Locial-Mathematical)
1. ____ I can easily compute num)ers in my head.
2. ____ "ath and science are among my favourite su)*ects in
3. ____ I en*oy playing games or solving )rain teasers that
require logical thinking.
$. ____ I am interested in new developments in science.
%. ____ I am good with computers and en*oy working on them.
&. ____ I like to do e+periments and figure out how things
'. ____ I can easily see numerical patterns.
(. ____ I like to put things in order.