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Hodgson, Peter E. (2010, March 24) Energy, the Environment and Climate Change.

World Scientific
Publishing Company.
The author Peter E. Hodgson describes the issue of climate change as an issue caused mainly by the
outcomes of human actions. Climate can be seen as one of the determining features of civilization, so
when the climate changes the consequences are instantly obvious. Our present energy policies have a
dreadful effect on the climate. These policies have been estimated to cause 160,000 deaths per year
caused by heat waves, flooding and crop damage. The author blames these occurrences to the carbon
dioxide and other gases that are released when fossil fuels are burned. The chemicals are released into
our atmosphere and cause the devastating disputes. The effects of these emissions into the atmosphere
are responsible for global warming and causing catastrophic changes. The author is very clear describing
how some human practices affect our civilizations by changing our climate. The authors statements
make it clear that there are many practices we have to change to not deteriorate our environment.
Mayes, Linda; Lewis, Michael (2012, August 27) The Cambridge Handbook of Environment in Human
Development. Cambridge University Press
The authors Linda Mayes and Michael Lewis focus on the importance of children learning the
importance of how to care for their communities, families, and society. When children learn the
importance of caring its easier for them to involve in communities when they grow up, communities
that benefit not only their societies but the environment as well. The volume looks at how the
influence of the family can affect children for good. The influence of schools, neighborhoods, countries
and cultures can as well teach the values of caring for the environment. The authors state that the
environment is deteriorating more and more as time goes on. The volume mentions that most of these
issues are caused by human actions, and if we dont teach the children to see the importance of climate
change and how to improve it rather than worsen it then there wont be a good forthcoming for future
Steger, Will; Bowermaster, Jon (1990, May) Saving the Earth, A Citizens Guide To Environmental Action.
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
The author main goal with this book was for future generations to remain comfortable in a safe
environment for all humankind, for centuries to come. In this book the author stresses the importance
of humans taking action in a movement towards a good environment. The author affirms that the Earth
is getting hotter by remembering a story when James Hansen, director of NASAs Goddard Institute,
appeared before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, on June 23, 1989, he told the
gathered crowd, yes, it is fact, the Earth is getting hotter. That day he went further by telling the
committee that he was 99 percent sure that global warming was a real and present danger. The author
goes into detail in ways we can help our environment; as smokeless forms of energy generation like
solar and wind power, Landfills for a better form of energy, planting trees which is a great way to fight
global warming. The authors main idea is to emphasize in the ways we can all make our part in
improving our environment, and how far are we willing to go to help our world.

Ford, James D.; Berrang-Ford, Lea (2011, June 27) Climate Change Adaptation in Developed Nations.
The authors of this book; James D. Ford and Lea Berrang- Ford point out climate change and the
consequences that will result from it if we dont take action. It is necessary to accept adaptation if we
are to manage the risks posed by climate change. Outbreaks of diseases, infections and exposures to
toxic compounds could be caused by contamination of water sources, irrigation tap water, recreational
waters, and still standing waters. The health of humans will be threaten in the process of adaptation.
The climate change will definitely have a negative impact in the health of humankind by the
contamination of water sources. It is our devour to take action before we found ourselves with no other
alternative than to adapt an unhealthy environment. We should not wait until we have no other
alternative but to resign our faults, we should take action now that we can because later there wont be
compassion for humankind.
Baldwin, Lauren (2014) Sustainability, General Services, The City of El Paso Texas. Retrieved from:
The Citys Sustainability Program started in 2007 with the purpose to develop, coordinate, and support
city-wide sustainability goals and initiatives. The Program informs residents of El Paso, TX how to make
a positive impact in their community by improving the environment. The program encourages residents
to preserve resources by pursuing; energy efficiency, energy Conservation, alternative Fuels, recycling,
waste reduction, climate protection, renewable energy. The Sustainability program was establish to
develop city-wide sustainability goals and initiatives. It also offers a sustainable lifestyle by connecting
people with local businesses and organizations that focus on sustainable enterprises. There should be
more organizations as this one in order for our environment to improve. These programs encourage
people to be aware of how important it is to care for climate change; as global warming.
Rimmer, Matthew (2011, November 1) Intellectual Property and Climate Change: Inventing Clean
Technologies. Edward Elgar Publishing.
In this book the author Matthew Rimmer encourages the use of research, development, and diffusion of
clean technologies in order to adapt to the effects of climate change. There are ways in which energy
can be renewed, in this book the author analyze them, some ways of renewable forms of energy are;
solar power, wind power, and geothermal energy; as well as green chemistry, biofuels, green chemistry,
green vehicles, energy efficiency, and smart grids. This book evaluates the different ways in which we
could renew energy while causing a minimal negative effect to the world. By renewing our energy in a
more earth-friendly way we are ensuring a better future for future generations to come. We should do
everything that is in our hands to improve the climate of our world and not affect it more.

Wang, Weiguang; Zheng, Guoguang; Pan, Jiahua (2014, May 8) Chinese Research Perspectives on the
Environment, Special Volume: Annual Report on Actions to Address Climate Change. BRILL
In this volume the authors provide information on how China views the challenge of climate change and
seeks to find a green energy future. The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) is one organization
that that helps African countries to adapt to climate change. The country of China also engages in
South- South cooperation by offering fully constructed equipment to improve the way they develop; and
at the same time improve the environment and not affect it. What China is doing to improve the
worlds environment is great, China not only is doing its part but is also engaging in helping other
countries to do their part to not affect the environment.