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Sanskriti Institute of Applied Studies (SIAS), an institution under the Sanskriti Group, is one

of the very few engineering colleges offering B.Sc. course in Biotechnology. In the modern
era, applications of engineering are spread to non-conventional areas and bio-technology is
one of those fields. After pursuing this course, the knowledge acquired by the students in the
field of bio-technology can be gainfully applied for increasing productivity in agriculture
sectors and enhancing nutritional value of food products, innovation of pharmaceutical
products and various other fields.

The students enrolled for this course are getting proper exposure to the theoretical and
practical knowledge of the science of biotechnology and its applications. The faculty
members are well-qualified and well-experienced. Laboratories are well-equipped with
instruments/equipments necessary for conducting various experiments related to the plant
biotech, animal biotech, microbiology, biochemistry, recombinant DNA technology etc.

The faculty members are aware of the evolving nature of the biological science as a result of
various research works carried out worldwide and regularly review the syllabi for
accommodating contemporary topics as a part of the dynamic curriculum planned out for
enriching the knowledge of the students.