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Twilight in Delhi


1. On the grounds and the under-currents of this novel there is a prominent theme of tradition
versus change that is deeply seated into the hidden avenues of this praise worthy piece of
2. There is also the theme of the tyranny of time versus fate that is studded like some jewel
upon the horizon of this novel.
3. Another paradoxical theme of Orientalism versus Occidentalism can be foresought into the
veins and vogue of this novel.
4. There is an evident tinge of the demise of monarchy versus rise of democracy that tops the
list into this noticeable narrative.
5. Capitalism versus socialism are also the dichotomy of political themes which can well be
sought into this master piece by AHMED ALI.
6. On the spiritual level religion and superstition are combined together in a juxtaposed way
which truly gives a leeway to the cultural pattern and propensity of the sub-continental society.
7. Another political and social theme that is rampant all over the novel is the new order versus
old order .
8. Peace and anarchy goes side by side in this novel and gives it a stunning splendour for its
literary worth-reading .
9.Social decline is one hand and the moral decadence on the other which add to another theme
of this novel.
10.Domestic life acts as an out-standing motif for the critically evaluation of the major
characteristic with the solid touch of the political scenario.
11. Microcosm versus Macrocosm both the thematic techniques are manifestly portrayed by the
distinguished novelist AHMED ALI.
12. Purity and sanctity of culture versus de-humanize values these two themes can be sensed
throughout the majestic structure of this novel.
13. Theme of sensual imagery versus spiritual imagery as well as escapism.
14. Theme of continuity versus inertia and Petriarchan ideals versus anti-Petriarchan.