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HRM Case study: role and job analysis

Job Description at Red Lobster (Phillip Gully 2!"

Red Lobster operates o#er $% casual&dinin' sea(ood restaurants in the )* and Canada+
e,ployin' ,ore than $-+ people. /hen Red Lobster de#eloped a ne0 business strate'y to
(ocus on #alue and i,pro#e its i,a'e+ it established a ne0 #ision+ ,ission+ and 'oals (or the
co,pany. 1he restaurant chain si,pli(ied its ,enu 0ith the hi'hest&2uality sea(ood it could
o((er at ,id&ran'e prices+ traded its restaurants3 tropical the,es (or a crisp+ clean loo4 0ith
0hite&shirt&and&blac4&pants uni(or,s (or its e,ployees+ and added 5ortheastern coastal
i,a'ery to its ,enu and /eb&site. 67ecutin' the ne0 ,ission and di((erentiation strate'y
re2uired hirin' (un+ hospitality&,inded people 0ho shared its #alues.
8lthou'h Red Lobster had not had any proble, 0ith hirin' restaurant ,ana'ers+ the
co,pany (elt that the ,ana'ers it hired did not al0ays re(lect Red Lobster3s strate'y+ #ision
and #alues. 1he co,pany also reali9ed that their old job descriptions did not re(lect the
passion its ne0 strate'y needed (ro, its e,ployees.
Red Lobster ask your opinion of what it should do in writing its job descriptions to improve
the fit between its new management hires and its new business strategy.