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Science CHAPTER 2- Animal Groups -Study Guide

Lesson 1: Mammals and Birds

Scientists group animals by looking at their body parts.
A MAMMAL has hair or fur on its body.
Most mammals give birth to babies that are born alive not in eggs.
Mammal babies drink milk from their moms.
Mammals have lungs to breath oxygen.
Humans, bats, lions, chipmunks, whales, dolphins, rabbits, cats, and many more
animals are mammals.

BIRDS are a group of animals that have feathers.
Birds have beaks and two legs.
All Birds have two wings but NOT ALL birds can fly such as a penguin.
Birds lay eggs.
Baby birds eat food that its parents find.
Lesson 2: Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fish
A REPTILE is an animal group that has dry skin covered with scales.
Most reptiles walk on four legs (except snakes). Most reptile mothers lay
Reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles are the only animal group that
has dry, scaly, skin.

Amphibians are an animal group that have moist/wet, smooth skin.
Babies hatch from eggs. Baby amphibians live in water. Most adult
amphibians live on land. When they live in water, they have gills. When they
grow up, the gills turn into lungs. An example is a frog. It is born a tadpole in
water and has gills, and when it grows up, it lives on land and has lungs.

Fish are another animal group.
All fish live in water. All fish breath with gills. Gills take in oxygen.
A body of a fish is covered in scales. They have fins.

Lesson 3: Life Cycles
A LIFE CYCLE is all the parts of a plant or animals life. All life cycles begin
with a new living thing. When the living thing gets older and makes more
living things, a new life cycle begins.
A frogs life cycle consists of 1) eggs 2) tadpoles with tails and gills 3) back
legs start growing 4) front legs start growing and tail gets shorter 5) Adult
frog with lungs
A sea turtle is a reptile. A sea turtle mother comes out of the ocean and lays
eggs in the sand on a beach. Then she goes back into the ocean. The baby sea
turtles hatch on their own and they look like their mom little sea turtles.
Frog babies do not look like their parents. The baby sea turtles go back into
the ocean to begin their life.