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Kemp Model: Analysis

Referencing figure 1, four of the nine Kemp elements are required in the analysis portion. These
elements are instructional problems, learner characteristics, task analysis, and instructional
objectives. Each one of the components are used to identify the problematic attributes within a
system and show how to provide containment of the situation through development objectives
and tasks. The first element of the Instructional (ID) process is to identify the instructional
problem within the situation. The second ID element is the learner characteristics. This element
evaluates the characteristics of the learners that are within the experiment and/or process. The
third element to be analyzed is task analysis, which includes identifying subject content and
analyzing task components related to stated goals and purposes. The final element that requires
analysis is instructional objectives. Through this analysis, the instructional objectives for the
learner are developed and stated.

Figure 1
Identifying and containing problems are critical to providing great instructional technology
customer service. The major component is identifying deficiencies within the system. This is
accomplished by conducting research to determine the problematic areas. The following analysis
was conducted through the Instructional Technology helpdesk at Lander University. Through the
research, the target population was determined by surveying the instructional technology
personnel. It was determined that teachers and students were utilizing the helpdesk service. This
identified the type and characteristics of the persons using the helpdesk services. These persons
were creating service tickets throughout the normal school hours. The following instructional
problems were uncovered through the research. The research also evaluated the attributes of the
customers that expressed the need for help.
1. The common uses of helpdesk: Used for learning the basics of accessing services (such
as blackboard)- teachers and students will contact help desk to learn how to login to
blackboard, use basic applications of blackboard(such as creating sections for online
classes, creating online assignments, using online grade book, ect), and for resetting their
2. Used for requesting smart board services and information- Teachers must fill out an
application to use smartboards in their class, and they contact helpdesk to learn how to
use it.
3. Used for computer services and questions- When students and teachers have problems
connecting to Landers wifi, the computer has viruses, or they have problems with
software and hardware, they go to helpdesk.
4. Most common problems for new users- Creating and maintaining class lists, accessing the
basic data on blackboard and bearcat web, hooking up to landers wifi, using smartboard,
and other problems.
The following narrative defines the current process to remediate or resolve the services tickets.
This information also allows the researcher to identify strategies that can prevent the service
tickets. These can comprise of professional development opportunities or training that could
prevent helpdesk tickets from occurring.
1. The common process for help desk- The user calls the helpdesk(or walks in)-> the
student worker asks some general questions( whether its log in problems, or software, or
ect)-> if its a password change needed, the student worker transfers them to a fulltime
worker(student workers cant change password)-> if the problem is something the student
can solve, either they will talk the person through the process over the phone, or they will
send the user to the IT room so the student who works there can fix it-> If it is a bigger
problem, the user will meet with the full time staff, or full time staff will be sent to the
classroom, and try to resolve the problem-> if problem cant be solved via Lander, IT
will recommend viable options.

The research has determined that training should occur to eliminate a host of the problematic
areas. This will comprise of student orientation for Blackboard, Bearcat, Outlook, and Pathways.
This will provide knowledge and abilities to prevent situations and issues form occurring. The
teachers and/or instructors should obtain training of smartboards and Blackboard as well. The
objectives of the training will be focused on developing a knowledge base and problem solving
skills to empower them to resolve their issues. The new training will provide an abundance of
opportunities for professional development to support current and new technologies for
administrative and instructional campus systems.
The following is the suggestions of the instructional technology department at Lander.
1. Ideas to improve helpdesk: Improve the relationship between the staff at help desk and
the teacher users, provide more training for student workers, encourage new teachers to
contact them as soon as a problem arises.
The following is the procedure that an end user can use to establish a helpdesk ticket.
1. Ways to contact helpdesk: Call them, go to helpdesk, e-mail them, or use the automatic
email for simple requests.