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Lesson Plan Template Integrated Health

Teacher Name: Mr. Dilley

Date: 11/10/13
Subject/Grade/: 12
Grade History
Time Needed: 1hr
ontent standard!s" addressed: History
United States History and Geography:
Continuity and Change in the Tentieth
11.2 Students analy!e the relationship
a"ong the rise o# industriali!ation$ large%
s&ale rural%to%ur'an "igration$ and "assi(e
i""igration #ro" Southern and
)astern )urope.
1. *no the e##e&ts o# industriali!ation on
li(ing and or+ing &onditions$ in&luding
the portrayal o# or+ing &onditions and
#ood sa#ety in Upton Sin&lair,s
The -ungle.
Health standard!s" addressed: Standard
2: .naly!ing /n#luen&es: .ll students ill
de"onstrate the a'ility to analy!e internal
and e0ternal in#luen&es that a##e&t health
Content .rea: 1ersonal and Co""unity
2.3.1: .naly!e ho en(iron"ental
&onditions a##e&t personal and &o""unity
2.2.1: Dis&uss ays to stay in#or"ed a'out
en(iron"ental issues
#aterials needed: 1aper$ pen or pen&il$
Upton Sin&lair,s The -ungle$ and the
Learning $bjecti%e: Students ill +no
and understand the (arious or+ing
&onditions and ho they &an a##e&t their
health. They ill learn hat the people o#
&ssessment o' learning: / ill e(aluate
their learning 'ased on the &riti&al thin+ing
s+ills used in their or+. 3hether or not
the student de(eloped an in#or"ed and
that era ent through ith su&h &onditions
and 'e a'le to learn ho they o(er&a"e it
and hy they needed &hange.
&redi'le assign"ent.
&genda: The students are to 'e&o"e aare
o# hat types o# or+ing &onditions ere
&o""on during the ti"e o# the industrial
era and also 'e #a"iliar ith Upton
Sin&lair,s The -ungle as it is a great insight
on the terri'le or+ing &onditions o# the
industrial era. 4e0t$ the students ill ha(e
a riting assign"ent here they ill ta+e
on the role o# a person during that era
hether it is an e"ployer$ e"ployee$
#a"ily "e"'er o# an e"ployee$ et&. 5ased
on their nely a&6uired +noledge o# the
industrial era they ill &onstru&t a short
paper on the daily routine that their person
ent through. They should in&lude hat
they did$ things they sa$ and "ainly the
or+ing &onditions that #a&ed.
Instructional Notes: 7irst$ the tea&her ill
guide the students along in hat they ill
'e learning a'out today$ hi&h is the
or+ing &onditions o# the industrial era and
assign reading #ro" the te0t'oo+ as ell as
The -ungle. 4e0t$ the tea&her ill tell the
students hat tas+ they ha(e #or the &lass
period and ho it ill 'e &o"pleted.
Language Support: To help )nglish
8anguage 8earners 9)88: the tea&her &an
pre%tea&h the reading assign"ent 'e#ore
they assign the reading out o# the te0t'oo+
and The -ungle. The tea&her &an go o(er
the learning o';e&ti(es$ su""ary$ and
&ontent o# the reading to gi(e an )88
student a 'etter understanding o# the
assign"ent. .nother e0er&ise that "ay help
is the use o# role%play o# (arious people o#
onte(t: This &ontent ill introdu&e
students to the large industrial o# the United
States$ as this as a de(elop"ental period
in ."eri&an history. /t ill 'e an
introdu&tion to the &ause and e##e&t o# the
."eri&ani!ation "o(e"ent and ho the
industrial era helped &reate the e&ono"i&
giant that ."eri&a is today.
the su';e&t "atter they are learning. /n this
su';e&t$ students &an di(ide up and ta+e on
the roles o# e"ployers$ e"ployees or
#a"ily "e"'ers o# either o# the
a#ore"entioned and de(elop"ent a
or+pla&e en(iron"ent inside the
&lassroo" here they &an a&t out hat
ea&h person "ight ha(e gone through on a
daily 'asis.