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The Environment Language: Spanish Level: 2

Activity Title: El Agua Es Vida; Cuida Tu Planeta

Unit Learning Target: I can
Define biodiversity.
Explain why biodiversity is important.
Explain why animals are disappearing.
Suggest solution.
Identify problems.
Activity Learning Target: I can
Talk about problems and solutions
Express my thoughts and opinions
Objective: TSW will watch a video that has several environmental
issues and solutions. They will discuss what they see in
the video and relate the issues to their own lives and
communities. TSW state actions that they can do to help
the environment.
Class Time Required: One class period
Resources: Powerpoint with manipulatives for students: problems
and solutions
Student Handout
How would teacher
introduce this to
Begin this activity by providing students with cards that
have environmental problems and solutions listed.
Students are to sort the cards into the two categories.
While these cards do not include all of the problems and
solutions that students will see in the authentic resource,
they serve as a way to generate background information.
Teacher Step-by-Step: 1. Begin period with activity as described above.
2. Show students the video. During the first viewing, do
not require students to complete any activity. They only
need to watch.
3. Divide the class into 2 groups. One group will be
responsible for watching for and listing environmental
problems in the video. The other group will be
responsible to watching and listing environmental
solutions in the video.
3. Show the video two more times to give students time to
process all of the information being presented.
4. Students share their ideas with the people around
5. Large groups share out their information on the
6. After watching and discussing the problems and
solutions in the video, students are asked to formulate
questions that they might ask another classmate in
regards to their opinions about environmental issues.
Students could ask about actions that their classmates
already take to help the environment or steps they would
like to take. Allow 2-3 minutes to write the questions.
7. Finally, in groups of 3, instruct students to chat about
the environment using their questions. Set a timer for 2
minutes and hold students responsible for staying in the
target language the entire time.
8. If time permits, allow students to have the conversation
with multiple groups.
9. Debrief with your students asking them questions in
the TL about what they discussed. Try to focus your
questions on getting them to express their thoughts and
opinions. Have them explain why.
Caveats and/or Options: If you want to extend this lesson into another day, you
could use this audio:
Students can listen for problems and solutions. This
definitely scaffolds the language that they are hearing.
Evidence that Learning
Target / Objective has
been met?
TSW be able to express their opinions about the
environmental issues they feel are the most important.
TSW be able to give solutions and personal connections to
environmental issues.
Resources to Print: Manipulatives: Environmental Problems and Solutions
El Agua Es Vida; Cuida Tu Planeta Student Page
Interpretive Elements: Viewing acitivty
Presentational Elements: While not included in this lesson plan, I can see two very
easy homework assignments that would serve as the
presentational piece of this lesson. Have students write
about the environmental problems they see in their own
communities and suggest solutions. This could in the form
of a written article or email. Or, why not incorporate some
technology? Have students write out their thoughts, call
google voice and record. Once you have their recordings,
they could self or peer evaluate the next day.
Interpersonal Elements: Conversation