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About Sadhananda Swami:

Swami Sadhananda was born Thiruvidaimaruthur. He work as railways stationmaster. He

learned Navakanda Yogi and practice from Thiruvidaimaruthur Avaduth Mouna Swamigal
who take Sri Dattatreya Bhagavan as guru .

First Disciple

1909 Narayana Swamy first disciple was worked as a police officer in Chennai, Swami
Sadhananda saved his job helped to catch the thiefs by miracle event. After that his life style
changed. He come across Swami Sadhananda at near chitrakulam mylapore , he started
serving him as a disciple. Guruji asked him to leave the job, since he could not concentrate on
this and his mind was turned towards spiritual experiences. After that he bought swamy to
Alapakkam village

Alapakkam Village People

The Villagers worshiped Guruji, he predict many things and which lead the surprise to the
Villagers. One day Villagers see Swami while doing Navakanda Yogi ,after that Guruji left
the village and settled at the Northside [ Now Sadhanandapuram ] - developing ashram, but
the miracles of Guruji towards the welfare of the Village and Villagers were continued.

Swami Sadhananda was helped village peoples when there was no rain and there was a big
suffering to lead life in the village without water. Guruji did miracle through the Pillayar
Temple situated near the ashram, asked the villagers to just turn upside down the statue of
Pillayar. Surprisingly there was heavy rain and the problem of water was solved. When
villagers came back to thank him, he asked them to straighten the statue to normal pose.
Besides which being a Navakanda Yogi he did miracles in the Ashram several times not just
to admire him but to make understood the importance and usefulness of the Sidha Yogam.

Srimath Sadhananda's Jeeva Samaathi

Srimath Sadhananda's him self preferred place and time for Jeeva Samaathi , also
order his disciples Narayana Swamy and Velusamy to do all his last ritual . 1922 During
22nd of Tamil month Thai - Magam Nakshathra , Sadhananda Swamigal prepared himself for
his Jeeva Samathi (Spirit leaving the body while sitting in Dhyana) and entered into the
endless spiritual journey

Also contain samadhi's of his disciples Narayana swamingal,Veluswami swamingal, Pichai
swamingal, agandapuri swamigal, Mayaa swamigal and gopal swamingal.

Sadhanandar swamigal and Gopal swamingal Ayya
Once in Gopal swamingal ayyas dream Sadhanandar swamigal
appeared and asked for a kumbabiskem on his tower. These big souls always funnily ask their
beloved to do these kinds of things. Ayya is not a believer of temple, mantra and etc as siddha
vedam only preaches internal worship. He was left with no option since Sadhanandar
swamigal has asked Ayya (Sivanandhars disciple). His only source was creating Siddha
medicine and selling it to collect money. He started collecting money during this period for
that. During this time 2 commoners came to him once for medicine.

One of them said Can Malayala swami ( swami who has come from Kerala) cure this
disease in my leg. Ayya looked at the leg which was black and suffering skin disease. Ayya
said I can cure . if you pay me money however simultaneously he was thinking how can the
person know if I m from kerala. The person who came for treatment asked why does Sami
(sanyasi) need Money. Ayya said it is needed for a kumbabhiskem. The man smiled and said
they why don't YOU FINISH MY KUMBABHISEKAM soon. It took Ayya time to
understand that it was Sadhanandar swamigal who came asking for the medicine. He says
that incident was more or less like a state of dream and sleep. ...

You please kindly come to jeeva samadhi and receive the blessings of Lord Siva-Sath-

President Swamy Chinmayananda
Arulmigu Gurudevadath Sri Sadhananda Swamigal Seva Trust
( Regd.No.actXX1 of 1860 S.No.860 of 2009 )
Sadhanandapuram (near to New Perungalathur)
Chennai 600 063

Take left at the left turn before New Perungalathur (Police / Railway) station and go further
1km in the second road bend u will find the temple board at your left ,take that turn and take
first right and take first left in will ends at this Jeeva samadhi temple.It will be open from
morning 7am to night 8 pm.

MTC Bus : Tambaram to Sadhanandapuram M55G, 55D, M118A
Railway station : Perungalathur next to Tambaram
Share Auto : from Perungalathur police station

Pdf file : Swamigal Story
Video : About Ashram Video

Arulmigu Gurudevadath Sri Sadananda Swamigal Seva Trust.
My self : +91 9841267823

Sadhananda Swamigal Jeevasamadhi Entrance

Sadhananda Swamigal Jeevasamadhi

Sadhananda Swamigal Jeevasamadhi

Sadhananda Swamigal Stone seat

Narayana Swamigal Jeevasamadhi

Veluswami & pichaiswami Jeevasamadhi

Kandiraj Swamigal Jeevasamadhi

Thulasingam Swami Jeevasamadhi son of Narayana Swamigal


Gopalasami a vaasiyogi use to live on a hill in Vandavasi and once happened to meet a
Wahab (Muslim who studies naadi in Thiruvannamalai) The naadi said that he was destined
to go to a place called Pakkam that has lot of Samadhi He came twice and couldn't find the
place and this time the Wahab said one more clue stating that the place is surrounded by
anthills and lots of snakesSo in 1960 Gopalswami came to this place and built the ruins on
the existing temple and converted to a place that is reachable today. He was a disciple of
Sivananda paramahamsar (vaddakara) . He got samadhi at 87 years

Gopal Swamy Jeevasamadhi

Meeting Hall

Meditation Hall


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