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Be Wise
Mark Your Calendars!

10/30: Zoo Atlanta Field Trip!
10/27-10/31: Red Ribbon Week
11/4: Student/Teacher Holiday
11/5: Turkey Project Due
11/13: Thanksgiving Luncheon for 1,3,5
11/21: Crazy Hair/Hat Day ($1)
11/24-30: Thanksgiving Break

Reading: Biscuit
This week, we read My Buddy Stan and Biscuit.
We also learned about making finding the main
idea and supporting details to support the main
idea of a text. Next week, our phonics story will
be Trucks and the comprehension story will be
Communities. We will focus on classifying and
have our short u test next Friday.
Writing: Informational Writing
This week, we continued to practice proper
and common nouns. We also wrote an
informational writing on pumpkins or how to
carve a jack-o-lantern. Next week, we will be
focusing back to narrative writings and learning
about verbs and antonyms.
Math: Measurement
This week, we concluded our measurement unit
with measuring objects in the classroom with
standard and nonstandard measurement. We
took our measurement test. We will begin our
next unit on telling time and calendar.
Social Studies: Thomas Jefferson
We learned about Thomas J efferson through
reading about him in our Social Studies Weekly
Readers, reading passages, and listening to a
Pebble Go Biography about him. We continued
to practice how to answer questions by looking
at information from the text and made a
Thomas J efferson book. Next week, we will
switch to our science unit on natural resources.

Oct. 24, 2014
Yimei Liu
Parsons Elementary

Weekl y Wor ds
Review these words at home for the spelling test on Friday:
us, bring, carry, hold, our

Ms. Lius Weekly News
Fr i endl y Remi nder s f r omt he Teacher :
A writing/graphic organizer was sent home to go with the family turkey project. Please read the
directions and return the completed graphic organizer with the project by November 5
Keep working on memorizing your students lines for the Thanksgiving play!
Practice logging onto eCLASS and visit some websites on the symbaloos. Newsletters and
class information will be posted on the eCLASS course page starting next week.
Soaring Through the Week
wear pajamas Friday