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Learning Web Design could

earn you a career in :

Web Developers have to make their clients
vision a reality, by making a Web page. They work with to
make sure their Web page fits the type of sites clients are
looking for to draw more business.
Programmers are responsible for the overall
technical construction of the website. They create the basic
frame work of the site and ensure that it works properly.
Web Design is responsible for how a website
looks. They create the site's layout and integrate graphics
Web Masters maintain websites and keep them
updated. They ensure that websites operate correctly and
test for errors such as broken links

Loris High

You will learn computer concepts as relat-
ed to processing data into useful infor-
mation needed in business situations by
the following software capabilities:

Word 2010 is a word processor that allows you to
create various types of documents such as letter, pa-
Excel 2010 allows you to store, manipulate and
analyze data in organized workbooks
PowerPoint 2010 is a presentation program in the
Microsoft 2010 Office Suite
Access 2010 is a relational database application in
Microsoft 2010 Office suit that allows user to enter

CATE Majors
Career & Technology
Applications 1

What is Administrative Services? A major
designed to enhance technical skills, solve and demon-
strate effective supervisory, management and human
relation skills. In sites using authoring tools. Students
will learn how to use software applications that are
necessary to live and work in a technology society.

Do you have a great imagination?
Do you posses communication skills?
Do you pay great attention to detail?

This maybe the major for you!

Required Courses For This Major:
Administrative Support Technology
Integrated Business Applications 1
Plus two or more of the follow:
Digital Desktop Publishing
Integrated Business Applications 2
Web Page Design and Develop-
Administrative Services

Once enrolled in this major, you can join:
National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) recog-
nizes outstanding student achievement in career and tech-
nical education. This organization, encourages higher
scholastic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal
excellence, and helps top students find success in todays
globally competitive workplace.

DECA members benefit from activities in a Comprehen-
sive Learning Program, have opportunities to attend con-
ferences designed to prepare you for college and careers,
can earn recognition and can earn your share of more
than $300,000 in scholarships and more.

Taking a Class in
Administrative Support
Technology could earn you a
career working in :

Office Management
Data Management
Communication Flow
Meeting Planning
Travel Planning
Special Projects

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