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Darcy Weldon

Curriculum unit assignment/lesson plan

October 20, 2014

Unit Lesson Plan

Subject: Physics Date: Feb Mar 2015

Unit Name: Vibrations and Waves

Summary of Unit: In this unit we will study a kind of periodic motion called simple harmonic
motion and will learn about the relationship between simple harmonic vibrations and waves.
Much of our perception of the physical world is dependent on waves. We can not see or hear
anything without sound waves and light waves.

Materials: Teacher website; wave webquest; standards in technology and science; quizlet
flashcards and games; end of chapter online quiz; grading rubric; collaboration prezi; unit

Objectives: Section 1- Simple Harmonic Motion
Identify the conditions of simple harmonic motion.
Explain how force, velocity, and acceleration change as an object vibrates
with simple harmonic motion.
Calculate the spring force using Hookes Law

Section 2 Measuring Simple Harmonic Motion
Identify the amplitude of vibration.
Recognize the relationship between period and frequency
Calculate the period and frequency of an object vibrating with simple
harmonic motion.

Section 3 Properties of waves
Distinguish local particle vibration from overall wave motion.
Differentiate between pulse waves and periodic waves.
Interpret waveforms of transverse and longitudinal waves.
Apply the relationship among wave speed, frequency, and wavelength
to solve problems. Relate energy and amplitude.

Section 4 Wave Interaction
Apply the superposition principle. Differentiate between
constructive and destructive interference.
Predict when a reflected wave will be inverted.
Predict whether specific traveling waves will produce a standing
wave. Identify nodes and antinodes of a standing waves.

Resources: Teacher website; wave webquest; standards in technology and science; quizlet
flashcards and games; end of chapter online quiz; grading rubric; collaboration prezi; unit

Lesson 1 Title: Simple Harmonic Motion Time: Week one days 1- 3
Lesson 2 Title: Measuring Simple Harmonic Motion Time: Days 4 - 6
Lesson 3 Title: Properties of Waves Time Days 7- 9
Lesson 4 Title: Wave Interactions Time Days 10 - 12
Lesson 5 Title: Evaluation and Reflection Time Day 13-14

Assignments and Activities:
Day one : Students explore wave webquest then break into small groups for end activity
Day two : Discussion of standards and look over web page. Introduce collaboration unit
on Hookes law with Prezi.
Day three: Students break into groups for Hookes law lab
Day four : Quick labs Energy of a Pendulum and Simple Harmonic Motion
Assign Quizlet flashcard work on learning key vocabulary.
Day five : Students do Invention lab Tensile strength and Hookes law.
Day six : Assignment : student go back to quizlet and review flashcards. Play vocab.
Games to strengthen understanding.
Day seven : video on properties of waves; discussion
Students go back to games for further reinforcement.
Day eight and nine : Teacher demos wave motion; transverse waves; longitudinal
Waves; amplitude, wavelength and wave speed.
Day ten and eleven : Teacher demos wave superposition; waves passing each other;
Wave reflection; standing waves.
Day twelve: Students finish flashcard and game activities. Do reflective brainstorming
Activity to summarize concepts learned. Students make sure all of
Webquest is completed.
Day thirteen: On-line quiz on Vibrations and waves. (link on wesite)
Day fourteen: use rubric for evaluation; students reflect personally on learning.

Evaluation: Throughout unit, reflection and Q/A; quizlet game scores; on-line end of unit quiz
and both group and individual reflections of learning.

Notes: All aspects of this unit are linked to my webpage.