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"Do you mind if I testify and tell you the goodness of my Lord?

Share some of what He's done for me, How He's opened up so many doors?
You may look at me from the outside and think I got here on my own. But there's no way that you could ever know, how much grace and mercy I've been
If you look into my eyes you'll see, LIFE is trying to get the BEST OF ME!
I know the Giver of life personally, He's the reason that I sing...........
HiS name is Jesus and HE loves me and I know this 'cause HE died for me and HE rescued me. There is no greater love in the world. HIS name is Jesus!
YES HE LOVES ME! And I know this, cause HE said it to me, when HE rescued me. There is no GREATER love in the world!

There so many wannat i wanna tell

I just dont know where i wud be
Show me so much favor
And now i understand amazing graze

Theres nothing that can take your place