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Aubry Russell

Outline 8
Group Topic: Paraphilia; Sexual Coercion: Harassment and
Goals: To make all group members feel comfortable enough to speak up during
the harder topics.

I. Take Attendance(2 min): Note all members who are present and
mark those who are absent or tardy.
a. (5 min) Go around the circle and have each member share what the
best part of their break was.
II. Discussion Question (10 min): Harassment
a. In your own words, how would you define sexual harassment?
b. How often would you say sexual harassment occurs within this campus?
c. Who do you think gets harassed more? Men or women?
d. Should every incident be reported? Why do you think many people do not come
forward? Are some incidents more minor than others?
e. Do you think certain types of people get away with much more? (ex. Bosses, good-
looking people, a big customer)
This site shows many statistics on sexual harassment on a campus. I would like to
pull this up after our discussion to either prove members wrong or enforce their
Discussion Question (15 min): Assault
a. Define sexual assault. How different is it from sexual harassment?
b. Are certain age groups at a higher risk for being sexually assaulted? Certain
c. How does our society view sexual assault as whole? (stereotypes of what a rapist
looks like, what a victim looks like.)
d. The most common stereotype people make when it comes to sexual assault is that
the victim is always a female. What are some other stereotypes many people make?
(reputations protected- Sandusky)
e. How do other countries views differ from our views on assault?
f. Only 60% of rapes and sexual assaults are reported law enforcement officials.
[National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department
of Justice, 2005.] What would be some reasons why a victim would not report the
crime? Is a victim more likely to report a friend or a stranger? Why?
g. Has sexual assault become more common due to drugs or just easier to commit
because of them?
h. What are some ways to prevent sexual assault?
This site will bring attention to any previous stereotypes members had about sexual
assault and hopefully make them re-think.
i. Are there any facts that you were surprised about?
j. Which myth did you think is the most common for society to assume?
k. Was there a myth in particular that offended you?
Discussion Question (10 min)
a. How would you handle a situation in which your close friend told you she had
been a victim of an assault? Would there ever be a time in which you dont believe a
b. What if she didnt want you to tell anyone? Would you go against her wishes or be
there to support her in any way? Would you at least want her family to know?
c. What if the person who assaulted your friend was someone you knew well?
d. Would you encourage your friend to testify against the assault or let her heal in
private and try to move on?

Discussion Question (10 min) Professor Merrill
a. What was your reaction to the news of Professor Merrill?
c. Does this make you think twice about stereotypes? (nice guy profile) How can
you really know what type of person is attract to this type of issue?
d. Do you think child pornography is taken as seriously in other countries as it is in
the United States? Why? Where is it ok?
e. How will this affect CMUs education program? If at all?
f. Does this affect your comfort level in a CMU classroom?